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6 second ABS.... WTF?


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Can it get any worse? Shit, fuck, cock....


Actually, if you want toned, hard, buttocks, try my ChairMaster(tm), seen below. You merely sit on the specially designed machine, and then get up. Repeat 35 times. After 6 weeks, rock hard butt.

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Crunches for me. Keeps most of the beer fat away. I don't want abs. I just want to be able to wear shirts without a belly sticking out over my pant-waist.
I used to sit at my computer and do chair exercises all the time.

Now it's time to invest in a home gym. Where can I get that chair? Ikea? :)


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Sell them something easy

Yeah, much of today's sloth-like, consumer society are LAZY and want a QUICK FIX.

As long as there is a market who believes that six seconds (or five minutes, or whatever) a day will turn them into lean, mean machines (no matter how much crap they're stuffing themselves with), there will be a bright company who will profit of this lack of knowledge and get-fit-quick-while-being-totally-lazy customers.

Eat right, most of the time.

Get off your ass & sweat a bit, most days of the week.

That's it. But there's no six second solution.

I like your chair suggestion - tell consumers they'll be fit & gorgeous after two weeks without any effort, and I guarantee you could sell rocking chairs for hundreds of dollars.

Grr... I get so annoyed when I see how gullible and lazy much of society is... grrr...
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Originally posted by I_bRAD
What happens when somebody comes out with 5 second abs?
Then joey will buy it.

Personally, I think that 6 seconds is a long time for ABS to kick in. There are some instances where that amount of time will mean the difference between stopping or crashing.

Cheers ... Ian :)