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5ive on a Wednesday...good times!


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So I am back from the UofW... on reading week this week and totally was looking for things to do this wednesday night. I made the rounds to Tonic(thank you Beth for hook ups), as well as hitting up Limelight (thank you Mr.desjardins for hook ups... It was soooo good seeing the old Lifeforce crew).
Anyways, I just thought that I would inform all y'all of a great new night at 5ive on Wednesdays as well. $2 cover, plus $2 drinks all night as well. Seriously this is a great way to get your wednesday nights goin! Had a great time, and everyone should check it out! Just thought that all y'all should know about it!

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We're talkin about the boy band 5ive here right?

Forget about wednesday, 5ive is good times 7 days a week! :D