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514's Montreal


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What a weekend! It was spectacular. Friday night we hit up Stereo late night / early morning to watch XL close the place down. That sound system is such a beauty I was lost in the sound. XL played his usual unrelenting style.

Anyways, Saturday night after checking out Ali Ajami and the rest of the skilled LSM crew at Jai Bar, we drunkenly staggered over to the Jarry tennis centre. This was always one of my favourite venues when I lived in Montreal, and once again it did not dissapoint.

514 had gone all out in doing the
place up. The lighting was incredible, the lasers were incredible, the number of speakers situated around the space was more than generous, and overall the sound quality was incredible. The organization of this party was amazing as well. A lot of security, but they were awesome, very fast moving lines both for entrance and coat check.

I've seen Digweed about 6 times now....in Twilo, in Toronto....but this was the best set I had ever heard him play on Saturday night. He was playing dark and almost techno-ish the whole night.

It was unrelenting...514 had set the place up, so Digweed was playing right underneath a huge pentagram...he seemed to be having a good laugh about it...even flashing the old "satan" sign a couple of times...

The tunes were awesome. He closed with the bedrock remix of Luzon. it was a good way to go out. The crowd of some 5,000+ strong gave him a hell of an ovation.

Lafleche came on afterwards. I'm a fan of the guy, but felt for him having to follow Diggers. He tried to slam it from the get go, but while a good set overall, it just didn't compare to Diggers.

At about 7:00 in the morning, "Beat of A Drum" was slowly brought in by Ali and Sharam who took the stage. What followed was three hours of mayhem. Deep Dish's set was amazing....KC Flight "Voices in My Head", Yothu Yindi "Treaty", the quivver remix of Led Zepellin's 'Babe, I'm gonna leave you.." I remember more tracks, but will post them later.

Deep Dish were incredible. I've had the chance to see them three times in the last year, and they have not dissapointed. In terms of the best DJ sets I've heard this year it has to be Danny T,Deep Dish and then Digweed.

Overall, this was an incredible weekend. I'm so TIRED! Digweed was awesome, but Deep Dish
were one up with their closing set. Props to 514 and Montreal. I miss that town so much. They really know how to party.
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My friend went and said she had a blast! I love John Digweed's new sounds. He's always innovative and urges the musical scene to forge ahead.


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gizmo kidnapped jon the dentist and left him duct taped in his hotel room so as to not have to hear him...
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What a fukkin amazing party. They have such a different vibe in Montreal. Generally an older crowd that does'nt want to stop dancing until 12pm.

Chillin with Giz, Blueshrike and that crazy mofo amigo Stu.

Sofia's, Jai Bar, Stereo, Freaky, 6 hrs sleep the entire weekend!

Digweeds set was insane. The beat was so fat, the entire floor of was a mass of people dancing on every inch of it. If you wanted to sit down you "HAD" to go into the chill out room.

Deep Dish??? Can't quite get a handle on them at all. They are simply unbelievable. I could'nt stop dancing, every new track that they brought in left me slack-jawed in awe. If you ever get the chance to see them, just do it. They are coming this month at the Guv, and it is going to be unbelievable. Im gonna be there for sure.



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Deep Dish closed the party?? now *THAT* is a way to end a party...wow...

fleaflo...i'll see you at the Guv