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5 years of deepen


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Deepen Saturdays at the Lotus Sound Lounge., 455 Abbott Street in Vancouver.
Celebrates 5 YEARS DEEP Valentines day with the release of Deepen Discs Recordings 05 Tyler Stadius meets Mr. Barcode D.U.B.

Deepen at the Lotus has long been recognized for it's adherence to playing quality underground dance music to a knowledgeable and musically mature following. The party has it's roots deep in the scene beginning with a weekly three year stint in Vancouver's after hours community. Deepen is brought to you by Honeydoo Productions operated by Chani and Vernon Douglas. Vernon is deepen's resident dj, and on regular rotation at the night locals Tyler Stadius and Jay Tripwire lay it down. Monthly visits from leading international dj's and producers keep it fresh. Dedication to a fine dream keeps it alive.

Deepen Discs Recordings the love child of Deepen and Honeydoo is blossoming furiously of late. Three years later, 5 releases under it's belt and the fever has set in. Deepen the sound has traveled far and wide, taking a significant part in placing Canadian West Coast talent in the crates of dj's across the world. This current release features Tyler Stadius and Mr. Barcode in collaboration for D.U.B. with a stellar remix from the U.K.'s Terry Francis. These tracks have been rockin out select gatherings around the globe for a month or so on promo, and due to excessively high demand are in stores very soon!

5 YEARS DEEP celebrates with Resident dj Vernon and Tyler Stadius, Saturday February 14 at The Lotus Sound lounge located at 455 Abbott st Vancouver. 604.685.7777
check www.deepen.cc for full monthly listings.

Andy Blake(Abnormal recs) UK
Asad Rizvi(UK)
Tom Gilleron(LIVE)(UK)
Tyler Stadius
Jay Tripwire(LIVE+dj)
DJ Sense(casa del soul,Denver)
Aaron Quist(LIVE)
Andy Roberts(Toronto)
Ben Murko(Solma Crew,Toronto)
Adam Marshall(Killer recs,Toronto)
Sunkissed(LIVE)(Woodwork Recs,Toronto)
Primordial Nature(Noah Pred)(Consigned,deepen,montreal)
Tyler Lewis(deepen, phrunky, VAN)
Eric Lewis(totem, leaf)
Sean Dimitrie(PFB,Manali)(LIVE)
Tomas Osaze(SPiritual Life)(LIVE)
Vernell deLong(Active Pass)(LIVE)
Ben Nevile(deepen,mosaic)(dj+LIVE)
Mat Jonson(itiswhatitis)(LIVE)
Mazi Namvar(audio soul project)(Chicago)
DJ Buck(leaf)(LA)
DJ Ali(Manali, deepen)
Zuzanna Grimm(Fukhouse,Toronto)
One Time(Elan Beneroch)(deepen)
Spencer Drennan(itiswhatitis,Victoria)
Frank Kozo(Ottawa)
Mr Barcode(deepen, PR2)(LIVE)
Mr.C(the end,UK)
Dave Mothersole(swag,UK)
DJ Filter(New Zealand)
Luke McKheean(nordictrax)
John Delerious(nordictrax,Calgary)
Hipp-E(San Diego)
Grant Dell(UK)
Mike McCuaig
Baven Pillay
John Tennant(LIVE)
Pure Science(LIVE)(UK)
Graham Boothby(leaf, totem)
Tom Thomas
Mark Ambrose(crayon recs,UK)
Keith Denis(perlon,Berlin)
Tony Hewitt(Oakland, CA)
Gordon Berg
Mike Shannon(Montreal)
Jereme Oliver(Moontribe, LA)
John Lemma
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room