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4H - Not your average barn dance

Ditto Much

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Okay I'm looking for a copy of this commercial, anyone who finds it or who ends up with a copy of it on a VHS tape, please fire me an email or a reply.

Its possibly the strangest pro rave commercial I've ever seen!
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isn't the 4H Club just like brownies and boy scouts???
haha - and now they're raving???
maybe its a God rave :D

Ditto Much

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I kid you not they fully and completely endorced raves in this commercial. Couple of kids show up, they hear the familiar thump thump tweat tweat, they walk out into the fireld and yup a rave is happening. They join right on in and flashes of big smilie faces all around.

"Not your average barn dance"

I desperately need a copy of this, who'd have guessed it would be 4H that supports us in the end.


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Actually, have you noticed the blatant use of rave culture in ads lately? Like that gum commercial (trident Ice maybe?) where the guy walks up to the bar and orders water, (necessitation of water....implying.....hmmm) eats gum, (necessitation of gum....suggesting.....double hmmm) has a fantasy about the bar girl serving him, then leaves. I find the commercial funny, yet really annoying. Another bad commercial. And it made ravers look lame.
I wonder why they've suddenly decided to use raving as a marketing plan...I didn't think it was that mainstream.


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In "National Lampoon's Van Wilder" they throw a "rave theme" party. It was one of the most pathetic representations I have ever seen in my life.

@m and I laughed our asses off, sandwiched in between horrified looks at each other.


Anyone got any Rave chips?
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"There arent any kids here at the 4h club either... am i so out of touch?! NO! It's the kids who are wrong"