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thats the number of points the leafs have. first time theyre leading the league by xmas since 62/3. this means they'll win the presidents trophy and then lose in the playoffs. always happens.

Im kidding.
Updated standings of the standings someone else posted:


It's a good time to be a Leafs fan. :)
Let's go Devils! :)

No, honestly... The Leafs have fought with a lot of confidence and I would love to see the cup back here in Toronto.

I made a promise that if the Leafs win the cup this year, I would have to wrap the TML flag around myself and go out of the street. What the hell possessed me to make such bet???
lets not get overanxious.

but yes, the sens are fucked if they play poorly down the stretch, they have some crazy amount of road games, while the leafs have TONS of home games where they are leading the league in wins

truly, im surprised about how well they are playing. started off SHIT.

montreal isnt even a team in my eyes.

the red wings are shit too. (sorry ben had to throw that in there)
Actually, one team I am most surprised about is Calgary. They're only 7 points behind the Leafs yet they've played 3 fewer games. It's one thing to be good, but it's another thing to be near the top.
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