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45 RPM's For SALE


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GREETINGS ~ I keep hearing of Dj's using 45's so I thought I would see if anyone wanted some of these ( see list down below ). I no longer have my Mickey Mouse turn table so I am not able to play them so the time has come to let them go .

-I am not asking for much - Your best offer will do just fine - Please in your offer try to include postage for shipping.

Not sure if any of these 45's will interest any of you but if they do GREAT & I hope you have fun with some of these oldies ...


Please send me a PM if you see something you like . I will send you the best pictures I can of the record & sleeve.


The Housemartins " Orignal Cover / Sleeve "
B Side - The Mighty Ship

Depeche Mode " Paper Sleeve "
A Side - Strangelove
B Side - FPMIP

Depeche Mode " Paper Sleeve "
A Side - Master & Servant
B Side - (SET ME FREE) Remotivate Me

Madonna " Orignal Cover / Sleeve "
A Side - Live To Tell
B Side - Live To Tell instrumental

Madonna " Orignal Cover / Sleeve "
A Side - Who's That Girl
B Side - White Heat

Age Of Chance " Orignal Cover / Sleeve "
A Side - KISS
B Side - Crash Conscious

Erasure " Paper Sleeve "
A Side - Sometimes
B Side - It Does'nt Have To Be

Tears 4 Fears " Paper Sleeve "
A Side - Shout
B Side - The Big Chair

The Razorbacks " Paper Sleeve "
A Side - It's Saturday Night
B Side - Just this Short Of Cryin

Culture Club " no sleeve "
A Side - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

Culture Club " Paper Sleeve "
A Side - Time (clock of the heart)
B Side - White Boys Can't Control It

Morrissey " Paper Sleeve "
A Side - Suedehead
B Side - I Know Very Well How I Got My Name

Til Tuesday " Paper Sleeve "
A Side - Coming Up Close
B Side - Angels Never Call

Paul Lekakis " Paper Sleeve "
A Side - BOOM BOOM let's go back to my room
B Side - " " Instrumental

Billy Idol
" Orignal Cover / Sleeve " ( hole / rip in center of picture)
A Side - To Be A Lover
B Side - All Summer Single

Pete Townshend " Paper Sleeve "
A Side - Face the Face
B Side - Hiding out

Crowded House
" Orignal Cover / Sleeve "
A Side - Something So Strong
B Side - I Walk Away
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A few people have asked if I have the CENTER PIECE for these 45 Rpm's and I'm afraid I do not have any at all togo along with these records.


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Active surplus on queen im pretty sure holds them for cheap
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