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416 Techno shout outs?!?!

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
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they gotta be from toronto... be an artist, a promoter, or a person who's in our little techno scene.

Either way... here's the first half of the track and the space for the shout outs!

check it.... h4 h4 h4 h4.....

416 Where you at?
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Buddy Holly

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A Place Called Bliss
Neal Wiernik
Adam Winick
Arthur Oskan
Jeff Cochran
Greg Smith
Eric Lork
Julia Pianessa
DJ Nobody
Jason Justin
Matt Thibideau
Mark Thibideau
Adam Marshal
Jeremy Colfield
Jake Farely
Andrew (Mental Floss)
Brandon Dove
Trevor Wilkes
Mark Quale
Mike Shanon
Dave Rout
Gerald Belanger
Heiki Selast
Stewart Douglas
Curt Martin
Derrick Ramirez
Greg Gow
Caspian Rabone
Jen Garrett
Curt's wife
Amanda (who's last name i love to say but can't spell)
Brendan Davies
Tommy Smalls
Rob Ven
David Cooper
Jeff Cochran

and if you DJ or Produce or contribute to the scene and I missed you, I'm sorry, or I only know you by first name...

Fuck I have no business spelling these last names, I apologize for pure phonetics...

But I think thats a good start... fuck its gonna be a long track..
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poker face

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Ghetto Tech?

I heard Disco D, and other Ghetto Tech peeps might be coming to Footork on thursdays.

I wpuld like to find some good ghetto tech shit that is not too over the top to mix in a set. It is just tough as hell to find.


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You should shout out to everyone who went to tempo on Saturday, or your last gig vergel...you know, no handouts!
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