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411 and Acanac internet


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I will discuss Acanac internet briefly.

They are an ISP. The ironic thing about Acanac is, when your service is down, you must email them your issue. I'm at >the bus station for free wifi.

I tried to phone Acanac. So, since my internet was down, I tried 411.

Some gay kid on the phone told me they don't exist. How is it that you can tell a gay boy just by his voice? He gave me a phone number that didn't work. i phoned 411 again -- same guy. He gave me the same number.

On the third time I escalated my call, got some Indian dude. We got into a bit of a spar. I told him

me> "Just look on the internet for one second and you can find this phone number,"
him> "We are only allowed to use the approved database,"
me> "Your database gave me the same wrong number three times. Just check google for the number please."

He gave me the number for Rogers because I demanded a refund of my 411 charges.

The people at Rogers were, contrary to common opinion, very nice and very helpful.
They had access to the internet and had n, o problem looking up the phone number
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