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4 Review, 4 Nights, 1 really long post...a long weekend of par-tay

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Bobby Thrust, Aug 6, 2001.

  1. Bobby Thrust

    Bobby Thrust TRIBE Member

    It began in Africa ca ca ca ca ca.......
    Not really, but that new Chemical Brothers track did play a key roll in the first couple nights of the weekend. It actually began right here, in front of my computer last Thursday. I had spent much of the day caring for the pets of my family. Not terribly exciting nor truly worth writing about.
    However, after checking my email at about 9:30pm that all changed. I noticed a message from Jelo saying that he was playing in Lush nightclub in London. Now that I think about it, that is sort of odd he would send that since I do not live in London and have no car but it is a good thing he did. So, I got on the phone and asked what the chances of coming along were and they were good if I were to get to Scarborough within the next 30 minutes or so.
    I got to Kennedy station in 45 but waited for 30 more while they tried to go to the right station.
    Clearly this preamble has not mentioned any music yet but the stresses it took for us to get there played a role in making it a wicked night. We got a warning call about traffic on the 401 just as we pulled into exactly the spot the warning told of. So naturally the only logical thing to do is take the shoulder in reverse at high speeds while massive trucks are heading towards us at much higher speeds. We went back what must have been at least 1km (very long in this situation) before we went forward again to reach the exit. Getting across the 401 to reach the exit made me wonder if we were going to be a statistic or some byline in the nether reaches of the Toronto Star. Fortunately Josh was a racecar driver in a past life, or so he says.
    2 hours, and one dire pee break, later we made it to London with moments to spare for the set.....

    LUSH was fairly full. I had heard about this nightclub even while living in Saskatchewan so I was looking forward to checking it out. I also wanted to check my theory that London has one of the highest concentration of beautiful women in all of Canada. I was not proven wrong. Damn, as it were. One of these lovely women, Susan, took very good care of us. I had met her at Hit Da Breaks last year (wicked party that was!!) and she wanted to show us a good time in her town. That translated to feeding us endless amounts of rye. I think it was probably to our benefit that the bar closed an hour after we got there so that we were not ill when heading back to Toronto in the morning. Jelo got on the decks and proceeded to lay it down. This is where "It began in Africa ca ca ca ca ca" got dropped and we all got rocked! We were drinking right by the speaker so we felt every word throughout our bones. What a wicked track!!!! Once the booze stopped flowing, the crowd began to thing. At 4, the night in the club ended. A great time was certainly had by all of us, and the London crew were all smiles all night. A very warm environment and I would very much look forward to going back to Lush!
    So, we went and had the largest slices of pizza a store has ever served and that kicked it at Susan's watching b-boy battle videos until the dreaded ride back to Toronto, followed by my solo trip on transit from where i was dropped off because my house is not near the highway. Great adventure to say the least!

    Friday night was an event I was quite looking forward to. Being from Saskatoon and being well versed in Deko-ze and considering him the person responsible for getting me interested in electronic music, I was very excited to see him do one of his TURBO extended sets. I have only just recently relocated here after spending much of the last year bouncing about elsewhere. Thus, it was my first opportunity to see this in action. Seeing as Mekka was a goner, I had the feeling that this night would be better since many people should have more money to spare. Sadly, it was not very packed. Fortunately, some other Saskatonians happenned to be there. A lovely suprise. So by the finale of the night, a good lot of the crowd dancing were orgininally from either Saskatoon or Calgary. Musically, it was a delight and of course it was made better when I heard "It began in Africa ca ca ca ca ca ca." I was also reminded of the fact that I need to go to Milano's on a Sunday night one of these days and I promise - it is now in writing - that I will go. But, this Sunday I went to Pure Phunk 1 year as planned so it will have to wait until next week. So Turbo was good because there was a good chunk of good people there but it would have been nice if there were more to enjoy it. I guess seeing the stack of hundreds of undistributed flyers for the night sitting in the garbage outside shows why it was not so busy. Again, it was wicked to see Tim Patrick. A good chap I must say. Then, the long cab ride home. Wade, I still owe you 10 bucks for that!

    Saturday was bbq day. Deciding to make it a party there was a wicked little shindig over in the beaches out front of a friend's apartment. There were 2 barbeques, 2 turntables, no microphone. The caretakers of the building were drinking alongside of us so it seemed like volume would not be an issue. Good eats and good beats make for a good day. Cheers to Wade, Michael and Erin for having us!
    My main issue about visiting friend who live in the beaches when I live in Hillcrest, is how to get home! After having taken the streetcar there (with a lovely Swiss lady) I was not too excited about having to go through that again. Fortunately, Robb G was at the party and was heading downtown as well and I was offered a ride. He was playing at Serenity Now so I tagged along.

    SERENITY was interesting. We got there around 12ish to see a massive line that did not appear to be moving. Robb had to wait for his ladyfriend and another of his mates. So we waited a bit and then went on through. For the amount of people heading in to the party, I think a bit more security would have helped ease the flow but there were not many people searching. What i saw in there was pretty much what I would have expected. It was a saturday night rave party and thtat is what it looked like. The bar was fairly packed and we added to that. I have ever been to the Tropicana before so I was somewhat suprised at the buttock/calf workout I received from going up and down the stairs. Once the bar closed though, we shot up to the top to watch Robb rock the house. He was followed by Marty McFly who also got my feet a shufflin. I did not make it to any other room though seeing as I thought this room was going to keep me the happiest and it did. However, after a day of drinking delicious Revelstoke whiskey I was not in the mood to be out much longer. Fortunately, neither was the rest of the crew. As we were leaving, there was a group of fellows trying to get in to the party. I do not think they looked like they wanted to pay. The security and this group looked as though things were getting tense. I thought it looked exactly what most bouncer shooting look like 10 minutes prior. Thankfully, that was not the case. Evenutally, they all ended up smiles with the group of guys just leaving. It was fairly tense though, so we waited across the street. Then...home.

    My family spent today at another cousins cottage. I was too tired from Serenity Now and the bbq to wake up and missed out on a good day. For that, I am a wanker.

    Tonight though, was all about the PURE PHUNK 1 Year Anniversary. A night that I have been looking forward to for some time. Prior to leaving Toronto last year, I was a semi-regular of Breakfest and came to really appreciate what goes down in the Toronto breaks scene. I can think of too many other situations where everyone really does know your name and the djs will dance to each other's sets (how rare is that?). I get in right before 12. Just in time to get some drinks! Well, there are 2 hours to go but any time is just in time! Prior to Big League Chu's set, I gave him back the 11 cents he lent me last year that I had been carrying around in my wallet the whole time.
    He quickly reminded me why he is one of my favourite djs (but I will not say that too his face and I will deny it if asked). As well, the USED clothing crew was there in FULL EFFECT! Surely, they must be some of the most happening people in the province because they are always all smiles, always rockin, and generous (thanks for the shirt).
    As I was wearing my Kiss shirt, I had a couple people come up to me asking if I was having a good time. Some thought that I must have been in the wrong place because how could a KISS fan also be into breaks. That was cool because the shirt can make the man and I was rocking the horns all night long. I have always said that I am more of a rocker than a raver. D-monic with Bandit was next and the man of the hour dropped some science to the very packed house. So packed that the b-boys were being told not to breakdance by security. The decor and lighting was very full on - as promised! Clearly, this was the party of the weekend. Tons of smiling happy faces going off, even in cramped quarters. The only drawback was rude security (I do not think being rude is in the job description normally) and one bartender who seemed to not see that I was there for 20 minutes. Minor problems for what was an excellent night. Dave Saddler followed and ended up getting pretty sweaty in the name of broken beats. Robb G was next up and he is very hard not to like. You almost have to feel guilty if you are not dancing because he is dancing so hard on the decks. That is probably the point. While he was playing a memory was triggered from my Australian voyage. I went to a couple parties (doofs if you will) on a beach near Byron Bay. Both of these parties were highlighted by one specific track that I have never known the name of nor how exactly to describe it. I happened to tell this to Madhatter and described the song as having a sound that resembles the opening of the Mission Impossible theme to a psychedlicish nu-skool break sound. Of course this description is shit and I did not expect him to know what it was. However, about 10 mintues later Robb busted that track out. Turns out that it is "The Push" by Plump DJs. Needless to say, I was going off hard and I have to tip my hat to Robb for reading my mind. At this point it was nearing 4am and some friends of mine were heading to our region and so I busted out on a very high note.
    A wicked night, wicked party, wicked people and it was very nice to see the the androgynous look for the ladies does not dominate the breaks scene like last year (at least for me, but you all should live like you wanna live!!).

    A great weekend that has made me feel pretty good about relocating to Toronto for a while. Thanks to the large amount of people who made this weekend great and see you at the WaterWorks boat cruise on Friday!!!!!


    P.S. I warned you that it was long. I suprised you made it this far!
  2. Willar X

    Willar X TRIBE Member

    Hahaha... are you talking about a bunch of "gino," (no offense hopefully) looking guys? [​IMG]
    If so they were actually friends of ours..we haven't seen them in a while and they expected to get in for free, but that wasn't happening of course [​IMG]

  3. Bobby Thrust

    Bobby Thrust TRIBE Member

    They did not fit my idea for ginos. They were Asian dudes that mostly were dressed in white and red. They kind of look like they could have been extras in a Jennifer Lopez video or something to that effect. Of course, it did turn out to be all good.

    Hey Willar, thanks for the tape last year! And the track listing too!

  4. Willar X

    Willar X TRIBE Member

    No problem dude, hope u liked it [​IMG]
    Didn't know you were back from your travels.
    Hope you had fun whilst away [​IMG]

  5. Bobby Thrust

    Bobby Thrust TRIBE Member

    I did like it! It is sitting safely in one of the packages I sent back from Australia to Saskatoon since the tapes were not into extended travels so in the order of longevity, I sent them back as I listened to them a plenty. Thank you again.
    I am back for good now too!
    Expect a review of the WaterWorks boat cruise this weekend! I am very excited for that.
    Hope life is swell.

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