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4 day weekends suck.

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Originally posted by PosTMOd

Go stand in the corner and touch yourself in the bathing suit area.

I remember those booklets in grade school - "If anyone touches you where a bathing suit covers your body, tell an adult"

heh heh
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Originally posted by raaven
yes, this would be me


Used to express desire, intent, to express a wish, or after a statement of desire, request, or advice, to make a polite request, or in the main clause of a conditional statement to express a possibility or likelihood, to express presumption or expectation, or to indicate uncertainty.

So, you are uncertain as to who you are?
Or, you wish to be someone?
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I had the most expensive weekend, this weekend...I blew my engine in my Honda. Its going to be a long week taking the TTC to work and I'm loathing weekends now cuz its seems that I have a stroke of bad luck every fucking weekend!

oh ya....hey Stace! :D