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3rd Arm


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Anyone read about that kid in 24 that was born with 3 arms?
For some reason it interested me so i looked it up on the net....this kids living just outside of Shanghai...and the parents are completely broke and they're risking him dying in surgury to remove this kids third arm...but he's PERFECTLY healthy?! i think thats COMPLETELY retarded. Who cares if you've got a third arm. How many times have you said "if only i had a third arm...!"
Sorry. had to rant.
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Subsonic Chronic

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When I saw the thread title I thought this was about your friend from the baseball game!

edit... I guess that would technically be a third leg.

Klubmasta Will

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that would totally solve the problem of holding a porno mag, turning the pages, and jerking off at the same time!!!!!
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Its kinda sad and unfortunate when you read about the health issues he does have...

Maybe the article will help out in terms of him getting the proper care that he needs.
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Klubmasta Will said:
actually, you'd be able to kick 50% more ass. assuming of course that each leg had the same ass-kicking ability.

Good point. You'd have to consider if adding that third leg would increase your ass-kicking efficiency by 150% or if the effort required to counterbalance the added weight would reduce the total efficiency by a certain amount. Laboratory tests will be required.

Or maybe what I really need is four legs. Because, can you ever truly kick enough ass?
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