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3feetdeep presents: TIM PATRICK - Friday, June 17th @ Maguires Upper Level

Chicago Kid

TRIBE Member
Just a reminder to y'all that we (3feetdeep) are hype to welcome Toronto's Tim Patrick to Saskatoon next Friday, June 17th @ Maguires upper level.

As one of TO's finest house DJs and co-owner of record label FifthSunRecordings (with Paranoid Jack), Tim brings an extremely up-front record collection and an insatiable energy level behind the decks with him on this Western Canadian tour and his extra stoked to be playing in Saskatchewan for his first time.

Dropping it all, from funky to acidy tech-house, Tim is sure to pull out all the stops for us next Friday night...you won't want to miss this.


See you on the dancefloor!

Details below: