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wicked news! the stone movement has one last gig as stu stones plane was delayed! this means Im opening and closing one more time for this wicked funk infused live hip hop act.

Its at the 360 on queen tomorrow night starting at 10. Ill be spinning most of my favorites from this past year. The last show was incredible and I ended up playing with guitar and a live drummer sitting in and eventually it turned into an open jam session with about 12 musicians plus audience members dancin on the stage.

It will definately be a blast. let me know if you are comin and ill get you on guest list.

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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Im a big fan of the 360. I've played there a few times and their staff are top notch peeps from my experience (especially the one bouncer who's all about the breaks!), and the venue itself has a nice little setup to it for sound and lighting (as long as someone works the lighting board - otherwise its pretty boring as nothing will change).

wish I was in the area as this sounds like a nice little jam.


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u know you're going to totally change the way this city looks at breaks right farbs?

it may take a while, but when your heyday comes things will get veeerrrry eenteresting :)


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^^^^^Isn't that what we want? as a breaks dj who has NEVER played to a breaks crowd (nobody books me) Im always pushin the sound whereever I can. The reception is great whereever I go and Ive been pulling out some hard funky tunes like jacks groove for instance, one that in the breaks crowd is a fav, you would think a top 40 crowd would hate, but they get down!!!! I throw in a few bootlegs, a funk track or two and the last couple shows even a couple of jazzy dnb tunes courtesy of fort nox and skewiff. People out there are searching for new sounds. They hear me they get down and they ask what they were listening to.

I even had a guy come up to me at the last show at the 360 and say "I've heard breaks before, But never like this!" Its awesome when you see that you have opened someones eyes and ears to a new sound.

The re-vamped 360 is awesome and the bouncer is a great guy.
Hope you can all come.
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