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303 - The label


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Does anyone rememeber this Breaks label from the mid 90's called 303?

All of their release came in a green sleeve with graphics on it.

Most of their stuff was based on the Apache drum break.
I think I have 3 or 4 releases of that label:

Apache - Apache based track
Acid Rock - Breaks version of Ina-gada-davida
Johnny Funk - Here's Johnny with Breaks
??? - My least favorite but still good.

What I'm wondering is, did they put out any other releases?
I always seemed to grab the last copy @ Play De.

I'm just wondering if I missed any?
Thanks a lot.

I definatley missed a few tracks.

Now I have to hunt them down to complete the collection.
:D :D :D

303 03 Roxy Breaks - "Volume 1" (12") SICK!!
Still one of my faves....