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30 Degrees here in Vancouver

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Boss Hog said:
I wish it was 30 degrees here too so I could go indoors and post it on the internet.

ELLE OH FACKIN ELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buuuuuuuuuuuuuuurn!

take that Gangcouver!
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enjoy the long weekend, suckers!


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We'll all be burning up in years to come...

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Property owners who have had a pre-retrofit evaluation performed prior to this date can have a post-retrofit evaluation and still qualify for a grant until March 31, 2007, subject to the availability of funding.

It is suggested that you complete your upgrades well in advance of this date in order to allow enough time for your follow-up evaluation, which must be done before March 31 to be covered.

To book your appointment contact the energy advisor whose name and phone number are listed on the EnerGuide evaluation report that you received at the time of your original evaluation.

The Government of Canada will develop a strategy focused on ensuring that future generations enjoy clean air, clean water, clean land and clean energ
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Subsonic Chronic said:
And Toronto people wonder why they're hated by other Canadians...

Dude... vancouver's media is so full of anti-torontonism, it boggles the mind.


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annec said:
Just wait, we'll get the good weather, then we'll say, "In yer face, Vancouver!"

And all Vancouver will have is their so-called "liquid sunshine". Lets face it, Toronto weather is better. Vancouver may have a milder winter, but they still suck b/c it's full of hippie's and the chinese.
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