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3 techno events in 3 nites.... *H3LP*


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there's something seriously insane about that. One would have to be a clubnite superhero to be able to do that tour of duty.

fer real.......
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The weird thing is that it is only getting started. The whole rest of March is insane and April is shaping up to be just as bad (and by bad I mean bad in the MJ sense of "good" - I'm using my "street lingo" here).

Time to lay in a good supply of "enhancements" folks. The bus is leaving and we're all aboard :D


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if anyone is hitting up the italian beatdown and is reaching from scarbs... I'd be willing to throw in some gas and parking.

link me a PM if anyone is interested.

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ah march will kill me with all this great techno!

can't wait for what april has in store!

hope everyone has a BLAST with that italotechno ce soir.




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Rest up for the weekend, why waste your time on DJ's you have seen a million times. Tomorrow nights party at surface and the free party at Courvoisier, with Stewart Douglas & Curt Martin on Saturday night will be 100 times better then what you will hear there tonight.



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after going out to last nites techno at Distrikt...... I'm way too awake!

who knew it would be that hopping!

ya know what was kinda refreshing and strange. the idea that the club wasn't in the basement. we went in the main doors, down some stairs....then back up some stairs into the main room..... kinda took me by surprise. but pretty cool.

1 down. 2 to go....... woah!
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