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3:30 pm


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haha no.. about 30 seconds later they simply played a different recording, followed by more beeps that said "the emergency situation has been resolved, please go back to your regular duties"



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haha, you're right. there are no jobs!

unless you want tech support / helpdesk
seems there are tons of those. they all pay under $38k.


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Originally posted by nEwF
it's always 4.20 someplace...
No it's not! Time zones change by one hour increments, 'cept the crazy newfs who have a 1/2 hour different, still, it's either 4:20 here or nowhere.

Dirty Girl

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I think im gonna go home, not that anyone cares, but im bored and i dont know where else to look for jobs so fuck it. maybe I will panhandle a bit on the way home.

spare change ??