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2WARS vs. Top UK Remixers!!!

I just thought I'd give you guys the inside
scoop on our upcoming crazy year of potential releases. We at 2W have been slaving our
proverbial nuts off, starving ourselves &
sabotoging our social lives to bridge the
gap between Canada & the UK. The results?
Well, they know who we are now, that's for damn sure!

Here's a list of UK artists who have either
signed on to do remixes or
expressed interest in doing remixes for
our 2WARS artists this year:

Stabilizer (Plastic Raygun, Functional)
Atomic Hooligan (Botchit & Scarper)
Chris Carter (TCR)
Vandal (Plastic Raygun)
Breakneck (TCR)
Dreadzone (Strange Fruit)
SGT Rock (Junior Blanks, Grot)

Now that Flaky Bastard has been promo'd over there
we're getting even more response! Keep your eyes peeled and remember to try & support Canadian breaks!!

Cheers, Melting Man-2WARS
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room