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2WARS / MELTING MAN Representing Worldwide in a BIG way!


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Today 2WARS received the awesome news that the Incredible Melting Man's new single "Red Skull" will debut at #8 on DJ Magazine's Beats Chart for the UK.
For anyone who isn't familiar with this particular chart, this is the main list you have to land on in order to get recognized in any way, shape or form in the UK when you release a record there. This position even out-charted Melting Man's 98 debut of Funky Plaid Coat at #13 on the same chart. With the Scissorkicks remix on the b-side of Red Skull, this also places Kicks on the same chart twice! He's got to happy about that. There's some pretty good company on that chart, check it out.

Check out the advanced chart:

Breaks & Beats Chart
> > 1 Plump DJs Big Groovy Fucker Finger Lickin
> > 2 Stir Fry Breakin On The Streets Kilowatt
> > 3 Player One Ha Ha Airdog
> > 4 Dark Globe & Boy George Autoerotic Whole 9 Yards
> > 5 Various Bedrock Beats 4 Bedrock
> > 6 FreQ Nasty One More Time/Fresh Skint
> > 7 Jive Jones Me,Myself & I Jive
> > 8 The Incredible Melting Man Red Skull 2 Wars & A Revolution
> > 9 Krafty Kuts Lost Plates EP Against The Grain
> > 10 Beber & Tamra You Wonder Mob
> > 11 Scissorkicks Livin For Kicks Plastic Raygun
> > 12 Fatliners Lo Life/Spoiler Kilowatt
> > 13 Abraham What Gives With You JBO/V2
> > 14 MC Solaar Cinquieme As LP Sampler Grand Central
> > 15 Ils Next Level/Musik Marine Parade
> > 16 Tayo & Precision Cuts Fire Good Mob
> > 17 DJ Format Ill Culinary Behaviour Genuine
> > 18 Precision Cuts Let This World Be Stratosphere
> > 19 Various Bedrock Beats Sampler 3 Bedrock
> > 20 The Streets Original Pirate Material Locked On

Also, Melting Man, Phat Conductor & myself (Myagi), have all signed to Canada's biggest DJ management company, DAMN DJs (Destiny) So keep your eyes peeled for a lot of 2WARS shows coming up soon! To check out the Red Skull single, go to Da Crate section of this site: http://www.2wars.com
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Congats goes to Anthony and the whole 2Wars crew for representing Canada so well in an industry run by the U.K. Keep it up guys!


Willar X

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that's great news!!

woohooo... canada on the rise
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Congrats! Nice to see some local talent getting International recognition.

Question about that chart though.

Is Red Skull the only track on there that's been officially released?

Cause I see lots of promo's on there.


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to be honest, im not sure, just on account of the fact that the chart is an advance copy of the chart, the mag isnt out yet. a lot of them will probably released by the time it actually goes to press.
big groovy fucker has been promo'ed or avail on white for at least a few months now, and i've seen krafty kuts' newest around too, so theres at least a couple that im sure are gonna be out within the next few weeks.