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28 days later endings??

feisty boy

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so i've seen the flic twice in theaters, but never the alternate endings. a few people are coming over to watch the dvd tonight - wondering if any of the alternate endings are "better" than the theater version, or if i should just stick with the original feelgood.

(i'm assuming you can choose the ending before you watch the movie....)
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the extreme alternate ending is actually a really cool idea. The way they tell it too was kind of a neat idea as well (using storyboards to depict another direction the entire film could have taken).


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Yeah, I liked that as well.

I also enjoyed the director's comments on how the idea didn't make any sense and the audience would realize it's bullshit right away.

After seeing a million movies with terrible plot holes and bad science, it's nice to see a director who actually cares. :)
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I'd stick with the original ending.

As mentioned above, one of the "alternate endings" is really unique.. but it was never filmed.

The one other alternate ending that *was* filmed isn't that great IMO, but interesting nonetheless.



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I think it would have been good if they combined the "death" ending with the "chicken" ending.


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the chicken ending was so funny...just randomly throwing a chicken in the place of the guy...

28 days later was a phenomenal movie...horror movie with creativity and style....i liked the original ending the best as well