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24x8x16 Mixing Console


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Re-posted @ a lower price

I am buying my first house and now, unfortunately, I need to liquidate some of my assets. I will start with my Soundtracs 24x8x16 mixing console as it is easily the biggest piece of gear I own and my new house will be very small. This mixer is in perfect shape esthetically and sounds very warm. I am the 2nd owner and it has never left my smoke free studio. It is 13 years old but 2.5 years ago when I first bought it, it was treated to a complete, professional cleaning and tune up. It has all the features you’d expect on an older model 24 channel mixer plus the additional meter bridge. I love this mixer. I have put out a number of tracks mixed with it and will miss it dearly (wipes tear*).

Reduced to $750!
I need to move it fast!


Email or PM me if you have any questions.

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lol...isn't bigger always better? Anyways, I realize mixing consoles are big, I just need to know if I could actually fit it in my place. ;)


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Originally posted by hysterical

Unfortunately I don't have any tech specs on this unit. Because of it's age I couldn't find anything on the internet. The company does have a website Soundtracs.com
but only has info on their newer units :( It looks like you should be able to order the specs/manual for it though...

Taken from the Support/Discontinued Analogue Support page:
User Manuals
Soundtracs have manuals available for all products produced by the company for the last 20 years (at least!). Our manuals normally include circuit diagrams and parts lists, together with user operating instructions and connection details.
All manuals are available to purchase at reasonable cost from your local Soundtracs distibutor who will also be able to confirm availability of specific technical manuals. Manuals are usually in stock at the factory or available on short delivery.

hows the pre-amp on this puppy?
The pre-amps are very, very warm sounding. Classic analog warmth. When I had the tune up done on it the tech replaced about 1/2 the pre-amps with brand new ones and lubed all pots/knobs and such.

It should also be mentioned that I am willing to do partial cash, partial trade if need be.
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