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24 Hour Party People


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i love new order...but when i watched 24 hour party people and he said something like, the year was 1985, in manchester, it was the birth of dj's in nightclubs...something to that extent as if it all started in 85 in manchester!! right right... makes you question the credibility of the rest of the movie
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DJ Lazarus

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A lot of Peter Hook's track selections were good (too much New Order), but his dj skills were horrible. I had a good time at this party, but I was dissappointed that the music wasn't really a true reflection of the manchester party scene of the 80's and 90's. Mr. Hook played new tracks by the Killers and Chemical Brothers. I feel like the flyer was falsely advertising this night as something it wasn't.
The State Theatre has a really bad layout. The so-called puny dance floor and DJ booth are right at the entrance/exit. Talk about traffic jams of people. The sound system also leaves a bit to be desired. Maybe State Theatre is more of a lounge than a dance club?

DJ Lazarus

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mitsuko souma said:
Too much New Order?!? Thats like, too much sex or too much chocolate! COME ON, guy! SO bummed I missed this jam.
I am one of the biggest New Order fans in Toronto. Heck, I even run the New Order/Joy Division tribute night. However, hearing 3 mixes of 'bizarre love triangle' is too much. There is soo much more music to be played to represent the manchester scene. The night was NOT billed as a new order night, but a night of manchester tunes that started the Rave scene and the switch from live bands to DJ culture.

mitsuko souma

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Heard about this tribute night. When is the next one? I'll be there.
ps. Bizarre...is like, their worst song ever. How come thats the one everyone goes so apeshit over?
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