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23 West Cordova

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by HappyJR, Aug 18, 2001.

  1. HappyJR

    HappyJR TRIBE Member

    Well, This isn't a party, but a clubnight, and it's not even in Toronto, but in Vancouver... but... I had such a good time, I felt it was worthy of a review anyways.

    Holy shit, that place is awsome! We don't have anything like that in Toronto (well, not in a form of a weekly clubnight anyways)... Not even close... There were like 250 people, everyone knew each other, and yet they were friendly... I've noticed Ontario goa heads can be pretty evil sometimes...

    On top of that, the dancefloor was pumping, and the music was really good. I didn't hear a single trainwreck (I'm not used to that with goa), and Infected Mushroom was played 4 times... I danced my ass off.

    I didn't know any of the DJs (all locals) but, I can say thay every one of them did a good job.

    All in all, defenitely worth dropping in if you're ever in Vancouver.

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