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I have no idea what you are talking about but the first thing I can smell is that 2048 is obviously not a prime number.

I thought you were talking about the "year" 2048, and what might be possible in those times.

By 2048 I will be 72 years old. So there's not a goddamned chance in hell I will be alive then under current conditions.

But here are my predictions for 2050, when most of the readers here will be senior citizens, or dead, and your children will definitely be adults and probably with your grandchildren.

I predict that:

1. Human organs will be printable via some kind of 3D printing technology. They could print me a new liver say, or print me a new aorta, if I needed it. Leaning more on the liver...
2. The artificial intelligence of computers will not actually be much better than it is now. There will be no HAL9000 or Johnny 5. Wolfram, Google, they will continue working on it but really 2050 is only 36 years away. The same difference produced Star Wars and "A Space Oddesey" and maybe even "The Jetsons" and they all proved -- not wrong -- but not yet.
3. If Justin Bieber is still alive, he will be 56. He will have the sorts of fans that Corey Haim has now.
4. On a political landscape, things will evolve according to religion. Those countries with less stringent religious ties will become Allies. I believe China, Russia, Europe, North and most of South America will become Allies and complete free trade zones. Most of Africa will still be impoverished, largely because of religious/superstitious reasons (and corruption). The middle east will remain unchanged noticeably from now until then. Most of the readers are too young to remember the "iron curtain", but I predict there will become a "muslim curtain" that will separate the Muslim world from the rest, for both of their benefits.
5. Travel will return again to a luxury of the rich. As in the beginning of aircraft and ships, which were only luxuryies available to the wealthy, the middle class will no longer travel due to hardship of fuel. Furthermore, there will be less need to actually be physiccally present in a foreign country, to conduct business, and conduct business is all that most people will need to do to earn a cheque.
6. Our current financial system will still be in place by 2050 and it's results will cause unrest in the developed world. The gap between rich and poor will widen; I myself am happy to discuss how mathematically this is inevitable. The tensions will become very high, in the developed world, between the rich and the not rich -- the middle class will slowly disappear, although families in this zone will still have a quality of life much higher than, say 1950. ALl the more reason that they will forget about helping the middle east and Africa who will languer in real poverty, the type of poverty that requires ones hand to wipe their shit from their asshole before standing up.
7. There will be less white people. There will be less "strictly brown" people, though "brown" is a hard word to use because it traverses so many cultures. My point is, what we today call "white", "Asian" and "Brown", will become a homogenized mix that is covering and controlling the most of the world. It still leaves the question of South Saharan Africa.

What do you think?