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2019/ 2020 Leafs


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willy has been their best top 6 fwd
if Ceci was their #6/7 that would be where he should be, instead they massively overpaid him and have had one of the kids in his spot and the outcome would be the same and we'd have cap room. we knew he was garbage when we got him, while the trade still makes sense the signing is an albatross
Freddie is an excellent goalie none of this is on him, he has been the only reason this team has stayed in some games.
NO Grit 0 nada, say what you want about Kadri but he was glue for this team, now they are too soft.

I think they need to make a big trade for a dman like peterangelo (sp) or someone else that has a veteran presence and can slide into a top 4 shutdown role. Maybe it's time to give up on Johnnson (sp) and maybe use Nylander to fix the d and balance the front and back end salaries
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Really like the clifford addition actually...especially come playoff time or if say tom wilson or someone of his ilk take liberties with our star players.
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