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2018 NHL Playoffs


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Fleury is an animal.
Who would have thunk a team chock full of 1 dismissed player from each team would Rule the league, and sweep the Kings.


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The Leafs were the better team the first half and the second half they barely hung on. Leafs haven't played a good full 60 minutes, maybe they're due for a couple.

Hainsey is out of gas at this point. He hasn't been very good since the all star break. You cannot play him all the penalty kill minutes. Also, he can't make a breakout pass, even when not under pressure. It either ends up as an icing or a turnover. It's like Chuck Knoblauch throwing to firstbase.


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That was a winnable game. Gardiner was awful, but Freddie can't allow that fifth goal. Matthews didn't start the series very well, but I thought the last few games he was good(though the result wasn't there).

I think this series exposed what we all knew, and that's their defense. It's sad Hainsey's got another year left and Zaitsev has 6 years left! Let's hope Zaitsev can regain his for form last season and Hainsey is fine as a third pair, but he can't play 20+minutes and all of the PK. Hello John Carlson?


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Watch the pace of play tonight Pitt/Wash or the West Coast games and compare it to last nights game.

Not even in the same league. Toronto is not even close to competing. And Boston will be done in 5.

I’m still taking Pittsburgh to go the distance. Crosby is still the KING.