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2016 TFC/MLS thread


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As an accredited referee, you have to be a FIFA qualified referee to ref MLS matches you absolute wombat.

So in short, the MLS uses FIFA referees. Period.

You're absolutely wrong. MLS uses FIFA referee's to Augment their internal association for mentor ship.

I'm an accredited OSA referee. Not FIFA.

Every league has this system. The first leg of the Toronto - Montreal match had this guy

Should have had 10 yellows, and 3 reds that guy never got control during the first leg. Made it impossible to play footy.

Thankfully, European leagues have a higher standard.

Q) I am curious why some PRO referees are wearing FIFA badges and some have PRO badges.
A) There is a pecking order for badge wearing and when a person has been awarded a FIFA badge that takes precedence over any other.

FAQs | PRO - Professional Referee Organization
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Yep, still bitter over how we lost the MLS Cup on Saturday...sorry, but I refuse to acknowledge that Seattle "won" it. They didn't win anything on Saturday.

Aside from that one off bitter pill, it was an unreal season. Especially after that dip in form from the team through September and October, I wasn't exactly convinced they were even going to make it by the knockout game. But man, the performances they put in against NYCFC and Montreal, that was the best I've ever felt about this club.

Def gonna need some off season tinkering here and there, but not TOO much. We have a great core/nucleus in place.

Looking forward in getting back into the team in January, for now gonna enjoy the holiday season.


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Toby, don't worry about it. 95% of the shit that comes out of my mouth is garbage. I guess That's what I've become. PS, I'm still right.
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