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2015 - Year In Review !!!


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- Turned 40 this year and had some awesome celebrations
-Volunteered a fair bit in my kids classes which I and they thoroughly enjoy, although not as much as I would liked. Also got involved with the fundraising group at the school with some cool parents.
- Spent the year cigarette free. Add upping my fitness level and I haven't felt better in years.
- I started a new position at my present company early in the year to discover that I hate it.:mad: Add to that some management changes has made me disillusioned with my present industry in general as I no longer believe the grass is greener anywhere else. However the good thing is that it's made me realize that I need to make changes in my career and that I have the power to do so.
- Cat of 14.5 years died :(

Goals for the this year: enjoy the family vacation to Orlando next month, get a new career, and spend more time with family and friends