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2015 Christmas Wish List


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peace on Earth, goodwill towards men, ISIS to fuck off, blah blah blah.

Secret Santa thing with my gf's family, $100 limit, so i asked for these 3 pieces of vinyl.

Sigur Ros - ( ) double album, clear vinyl ( limited to 4000 pressings ) with CD.


Joy Division-Preston 28 Februray 1980.
Numbered, Limited Edition 150g Lavender Vinyl - Only 1500 Copies.


Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart 7 Inch. Clear.

Whatcha' want ?
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We also do a secret santa thing, but I haven't really been able to think of anything I want! The only thing on my list so far is maple sugar candy!
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My own list:

A couple of t-shirts that I've had my eye on.
A few Criterion Blu Rays.
Adidas track suit
Lebron XIII's
Adidas high tops.

It works out my birthday is a couple of weeks after xmas, so apart from the Lebron's I should do well.
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No one cares about your family situation. Way to Hijack Christmas 2015.

Start a real thread.
it would seem that there are several people on here that are willing to lend a few moments of their time to play along with a very simple named thread.

And then there's you.

I'm sick and fucking tired of you making every single thread on here about you.
Do me a favor, and fuck off. Don't want to play the Christmas Wish game, don't.
Better yet, do us all a solid, fulfill your Destiny, and do what you've miserably attempted yet expectedly failed to do several times...Leave Tribe.
You also thought you made a track that was going to make CoZo sing.

Then it turned out that it was some droning bullshit that you fell asleep half way through in a booze soaked haze.

So yeah, there's some perspective for ya.

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You must be drunk as all fuck - no wonder you're a crusty piece of garbage tonight - deleting responses after you've gotten pwnd.

And as for your self pitying bullying comment, you usually go this route after you've started shit, the worthless pussy that you are.

Simple rule dipshit: Don't want none, won't be none. But that goes against your attention whoring code, doesn't it?

Of course, we'll see you being all "courageous" and shit after 2am, when you're at your loneliest.
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I have this vision of a reclaimed wood media unit/bar in my mind. Not a tv stand… just music and liquor conveniently together to be set in the corner beside my big comfy chair and stack of graphic novels on a cold winter afternoon with no plans.

Oh, and lululemon underwear. Always well timed on my yearly rotation of unmentionables.


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Sucks you only have 5 minutes to delete your thread.

i cant help myself....

james. you are a giant fucking loser. just stop. If you are going to ruin every thread in this board why bother? Seriously. Just stop and fuck off. We really dont like you. You offer nothing. Piss off shit piece.

I realize this will be followed up by some weird, crappy rebuttal that doesnt even make sense. 'Cause thats what you do. I think it was said well a few post up.... just leave. Nobody actually likes anything you post or say.
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