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2013 where THAT happened

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Boss Hog

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Over all an awesome year for me. Took much more initiative, started a new job, traveled halfway across the world, got married, saved money. Also had lots of inspiration and got a lot of new projects underway.

I hope the next year is half as great.
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Nicole Moudaber
2013 has been an amazing year – My debut album Believe was number one across multiple charts, I was DJing with Carl Cox and Marco Carola in Ibiza, being profiled by Rolling Stone and Billboard, playing for tens of thousands of beautiful people all over the world…
Then – boom! – a publication which shall remain nameless put me in a list of "Top 10 Female Dance Acts". Seriously? Is this gender-division bullshit still happening in the 21st century?
Nobody would dare put Carl Cox or Carl Craig in a “Top 10 Black Dance Acts”, or do a “Top 10 Jewish…” or “Top 10 Gay…” list. It blows my mind that anyone has the nerve to put women in a box, like we’re a different species. We don’t have separate dance floors for men and women, and my album was the top of the charts not the women’s charts. It’s crazy…

But in a way I’m glad the article came out because it shows that there is still some backwards thinking in this industry that needs to be move forward. I never have, and never will, ask for special treatment because I'm a woman and I refuse to be segregated.
You know what I'm about as a person and an artist. You buy my music and come to my gigs not because I'm a "female dance act" but because you dig what I do.

So here’s to another year of great tunes, great parties, and great times with the people who get it. Anyone who is into this childish “girls versus boys” stuff should stay out of the clubs and play in their sandbox!


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2013 was dope for me.

* Extended my employment contract for another 2 years
* Became the data manager of a 21 million dollar project (and sole mother fucking employee on the migration team after the other two IT people got fired). Metaphorically, I managed to pick up a project that consisted purely of diarrhea with my hands and turned it around into something solid, automated, on schedule, accurate and reliable.
* Related to above -completely upped by confidence re: work. I try to keep humble and not think I'm as good as I am and I found that it hindered me more than anything else. It sort of manifested itself into self-doubt. Worked out a lot of shady bits this year. Totally happy about it.
* Got engaged in Hawaii to the sweetest little girl ever
* Competed in my first real motorcycle race season (in the Western Canadian Championships). In novice division, I got 2 podiums and 1 DNF in 7 races. In intermediate, managed to snag 2 podiums in 4 races.
* The 4Runner finally made it into the shop for paint
* Bought my first non-4 cylinder vehicle (v6 lulz)
* Managed to squirrel away a bit of dough for the wedding next year. Still saving. Fuck those things are expensive.

Next year, I plan not to work so much -only worked a ton this year to get my feet really deep into a project and solidify myself as the go-to dude. Need to travel more, get married, not work as much, and go to the states to race a few rounds in Utah and Florida.


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Got divorced. Quit my job. Climbed a mountain. Moved to Berlin. It's been an amazing year, perhaps my best as a grown-up. My most important lesson was fuck everything. Don't try make people happy, don't wait for anyone, don't seek approval, just follow your heart, your truest desires, and you'll realize just how insignificant everything else was.

Sal De Ban

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In 2013, I achieved a decent work/play balance. I definitely came out of 2013 ahead in every respect. Twas a good year, my friends, a good year. Too bad I wasn't able to get as much music creation time in as I would have liked, but 2013 flew by and I barely noticed. I did a lot less creating and a lot more listening.
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Sal De Ban

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Got divorced. Quit my job. Climbed a mountain. Moved to Berlin. It's been an amazing year, perhaps my best as a grown-up. My most important lesson was fuck everything. Don't try make people happy, don't wait for anyone, don't seek approval, just follow your heart, your truest desires, and you'll realize just how insignificant everything else was.

I didn't realize you got divorced. Sorry to hear that, but it does sound like a blessing more than anything.
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Began the year mid rehab from a torn achilles which was hard for a guy like me who likes to do things.

Snowboarded at Tremblant then did my first heli trip in interior BC. Came back and ran a half marathon then started fundraising for a charity bike ride from Oakville to Austin Texas. Came back from that and started a new job.

All the while attending the CANFITPRO national conference where I learned more.

I may have finally grown up this year. Not too happy about it but it was bound to happen sometime. Body just can't take the abuse that it used to.

Twinkle Toes

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2013 was not a great year...

The bad
My 18 year old cat started to lose a whole bunch of weight, so we took him to the vet and had all the tests done... They couldn't really see anything, so the vet determined it was probably cancer. We had one week with him and put him down. Bar none, it was the hardest and most devastating thing that has ever happened to me. Once he was gone, I was so stressed out I developed anxiety. Started CBT and am happy to report, I am, at about 90%.

The good
Got promoted at work.
My baby sister finally got pregnant after years of trying to conceive.
My husband and I became closer due to my anxiety issues.
Quit smoking after 18 years.
Gave up alcohol.

rave jedi

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2013: the year that can go fuck itself.

Agreed. Not only was it a horrible year, even my holiday season is absolutely sucking as well. :( The only good thing about Christmas this year was we did get a beautiful and picturesque White Christmas comparable to Bing Crosby's famous song. LOL The ice storm of 2013 was crazy shit too!


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Year of the Injury:

I moved out last December to my condo in oldtown and was in the best shape of my life for a while. The condo move was a gamble because I initially bought it with my ex gf, but things worked out and now I'm happy and living with my new gf. :) She fosters grey hounds so I've been blessed (and cursed) to have fostered up to 7 different types, plus baby sat a few other ones, and she also brought in a cat so it's been an interesting experience, but great overall.

Nevertheless, it was the year of the injury! Severely sprained an ankle in Feb and it took half a year to rehabilitate, and I'm currently back in physio for golfer's elbow (climbers elbow?) and some wrist pain and it's a bit frustrating. I'm not a spring chicken anymore!

Also bought an NT650 1988 Honda Hawk as my second bike and I'm already looking to upgrade to a super sport or a newer naked sport bike. It was definitely a fun year. :)

glych t.anomaly

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Got divorced. Quit my job. Climbed a mountain. Moved to Berlin. It's been an amazing year, perhaps my best as a grown-up. My most important lesson was fuck everything. Don't try make people happy, don't wait for anyone, don't seek approval, just follow your heart, your truest desires, and you'll realize just how insignificant everything else was.

agree 100 %.
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Hawk Eye

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Great to hear that most ppl in this thread had a good 2013!

My year was so/so.. half good, half bad. I know next year will be a lot better.

This year:

Went to paddling training camp in Melbourne, Florida and saw wild dolphins when i was out paddling, saw olympians! Saw my favourite athlete Adam Van Koeverden paddling past us, which made my entire trip worthwhile

Ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon

Competed in the celebrity 4x100 relay at Varsity Stadium and we teamed up with the Paralympic team.. our anchor was Josh Cassidy.. we raced against Simon Whitfield and Ben Johnsons' team. I met Simon Whitfield! Another one of my athlete idols!

Went to Victoria BC to race the Dragon Boat Canadian National championships to try to qualify for italy.. which didn't happen but it was a good experience!

Played road hockey with Jennifer Boterill who was on the Women's National hockey team.. she went to the 2002, 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics. That was awesome..

I met a ton of athletes through my company and so i'm pretty lucky!!

Moved into a junior 1 bedroom apartment that is only a 10 minute walk from work.

I also finally got rid of a ton of 'baggage' socially and my spirits have been lifted ever since. I don't have that heavy weight on my chest like i've had for the past 2 to 3 years.

I already have some goals lined up for 2014!

I start classes in Public Relations January 11th and i'm going to do the 500km bike ride for jump start! We are cycling from Ottawa to Quebec City in September! CAn't wait for 2014 :) It's going to be a wild ride!


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- Celebrated 5 years of marriage!
- My best friend and I have now known each other for 30 years. Though we now only see each other once or twice a year, it's still the same as it ever was - we always simply pick up where we left off. Magic.
- 2013 was all about work. Continued to promote and build both my shiatsu and yoga practices - 4 years in, and I'm finally starting to see a decent stream of referrals. Left the neighbourhood studio I managed for 8 months to bring focus back to my own endeavours. We're running our second Groupon, and I also purchased a portable massage chair, so I can start providing out call treatments to businesses in the new year.
- Deepened my own yoga practice by leaps and bounds. Finally found the dedication to practice 5-6 days/week, rounded off with running 10-20 km/week. At 44, I'm more limber and energised than I was in my 20s. Bolstered immune system meant not even so much as a sniffle, and speedy recouperation from the few minor injuries I sustained.
- Rediscovered my love for camping, began investing in some quality gear and spent much time in nature. We're even looking at a night hike and a campfire in the woods for NYE.
- Still DJing, still loving the craft as much as I did when I first picked it up 29 years ago. Extra coin meant splurging on some rather hard to find singles, while still scoring some beautiful bargain bin deals. Raided half of Mitch Winthrop's storage locker, might just have to make a return visit in '14.


Staff member
My 2013 was really bad financially, with many unforeseen expenses landing on me. My place in South Africa got struck by lightning, and it blew out the hot water tank (which is on the roof) and the alarm system which had to be replaced.

Also ad revenue was down due to changing online advertising landscape as advertisers shift into programmatic ad buying and away from buying campaigns via local media buyers. This had me wondering how to monetize the site to pay the bills for most of the year.

Then I came up up with the idea to start my own ad network for forum publishers, and now I am working with forum partners who were in the same predicament around the world and helping them monetize their forums by tapping directly into programmatic ad buys so we can all benefit from the changing advertising landscape.

It is the nature of City permits that when we commit to a date, it can't really be moved to the next day on account of rain. The TRIBE BBQ was pretty much rained out but the good peeps who went had an awesome time dancing under the giant DJ tent while holding it down so it wouldn't blow away. At the TBQ, I listened to one of the best sets I have heard Dr. Trance spin.

Adversity is not as bad as it seems. Out of rainstorms come great memories and out of economic uncertianty new opportunities appear!

On some purely positive notes, I made the best treasure hunting find of my life in South Africa in March, finding a $10,000 men's gold ring with a flawless diamond and 2 black diamonds. By all accounts on various metal detecting message boards it is one of the best finds anyone made in the world this year.

I found a dozen gold rings in total this year. and also the oldest coin I have ever found, a Chinese cash coin minted in the late 1700's, found in Lake Ontario of all places.

I managed to spend some real quality time at The Watcher & his gf's forest near Bancroft . I went up 3 times this year and camped in a tent and hung out with some great people. I did a lot of thinking up there which I needed to do.

Did 3 months of Pilates over the summer at Mindful Movement in Yorkville, in my opinion, the best Pilates studio in the city.

Finally, I managed to do some huge edits on personal possessions and cleared out most of the clutter in my home, except for the basement, which I will attack next year. It is truly liberating to get rid of clutter and stuff.


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moved to Sudbury.
had another baby.

so that happened.

had an amazing work (half) year.
bought a house.
teaching my husband and son to skate (did that today, which is technically 2013!)

Hopefully next year is interesting professionally -- i need to find a gig in Sudbury!!!


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More good than bad year.

-finally impregnated my wife (due July 2014)
-crashed the car that I won in 2006 (written off but got 10K for it....was very sad to see it go)
-due to future fatherhood, bought a Scion xB wagon (manual tranny)
-great success for the online release of u2brothr the documentary (American Online Film Awards official selection for 2014!)
-managed to teach a successful year in kindergarten
-bought a new bass guitar and had some great gigs with my U2 cover band, Acrobat
-djing here and there... Cherry Beach was a highlight
-Best concerts were NIN and Depeche Mode
-got a new roof on the house
-one of my best friends bought the house attached to the other side of our semi
-DEMF. Still love that party.
-still trying to party like it's 1999.

I decided to be more optimistic in 2013 and it helped.
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2013 was a decent year for me, nothing really bad happened, but it wasn't a stand out stellar year.

some highlights:

  • We have finally started the big reno on our main floor (fixer upper bungalow in Mimico) Looking forward to the new kitchen and bath, but living through the reno is a lowlight of my year!
  • drove across Canada with my husband (3rd time) for his family reunion in Saskatchewan
  • started my Masters of Arts degree online. Got a 90 in my first course :D
  • Got back into shape, or my efforts finally payed off, but it might have something to do with getting diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in the spring and starting medication!
  • Bought a new commuter bike, put about 1000 km's on it over the summer


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My year revolved around reno's, I had a 3 year plan that turned into 3 months when we found out my wife was pregers in Feb.
Went to Jamaica in May - I really don't understand the stigma, we had a great trip and the people were awesome
Went back to Cape Breton for my Grandmothers funeral. While sad I appreciated knowing she lived a great life, lived to 91, produced 14 children and was very active in her church group up to her passing.
Did a week at a fantastic cottage with a bunch of friends for stag which was a lot of fun
Been a year at my new job and loving everything about it
Had a beautiful baby girl named Delila Maydell


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Not a great year. I did got to Martinique in the summer with my sister and reconnected with old school friends which was awesome. Seeing their children was a trip. The last time I saw them was when they were wee little girls I used to swing around. Now they are in their 20's and over 6 feet! (Their mom is 6 '3', their father 6'6'). I also had a wonderful birthday celebration that my uncle organized with old friends and family.

However, we went to see our aunt who has Lewy Body syndrome. She was such an incredibly independent and strong woman. It was very hard to see her in this state, and also see what my uncle is going through. :(

The daughter of one my very dear friends has relapsed, and her leukemia is back. Some of you may have heard about her in the news. Sarah's situation has been very important in encouraging people to become donors. Sadly, no match for her marrow has been found, so now they will try with her mother's marrow. I'm praying it works.

Finally, I busted my back 2 months ago.. dancing! Went to my sister's birthday and danced up a storm. My back hurt like crazy after, but I ignored it and still went into work. Three days later it was apparent, I'd done more than just hurt my back (nerve damage). I've been off of work since mid-november, and I'm hoping I can go in Monday. I've seen a lot of improvement, especially in the last week (Christmas was extremely painful. Too may people and my sister's couch was not comfortable), so I'm crossing fingers. I'll have to make a decision at the end of the week. Not sure what to do.. ugh. I'm so friggin' bored, but I don't want to do more damage. I know I'm healing.

Christmas was amazing, despite the poor seating situation (and I couldn't bloody well lie down). So many good friends over and family. It really was special and fun. I needed that. :)
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