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2010: Year In Review


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Kudos for having such a positive outlook on things, I hope you get a great 2011 and keep up the good fight. hit me up for a donation if you do the ride:)

Thanks. I've always been more of a glass half full person, and dealing with my Multiple Myeloma diagnosis / treatment has pushed even my limits. It's a daily effort to keep being present and positive for the future.


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I am embarrassed to look back on the past years.

This year was difficult. 2010 was probably the most life changing and I probably had the most personal development this year than any other year.

I got engaged and then experienced the slowest, most painful demise of the 3+ year relationship. I found myself on my own in New York City after I moved out and lost many of the shared friends of the relationship. It has been a very lonely time there recently but I have been enjoying all the time I get to spend back in Toronto.

I became an aunt again and still love every minute of it.

Although NYC has become more of an "in between" place for me, I'm still working toward my degree and will hopefully not give up before I finish. I've been consistently doing well in my studies and the only reason I'd leave is to transfer elsewhere.

I did a little bit of traveling this year. I spent lots of time traveling back and forth between Toronto and New York as well as two trips to the UK. I had to cancel a trip to Dallas due to illness and Vegas due to exams.

I hope next year will turn to the upside and I hope to see some of the good things I've been trying to work for.


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Twas a year of frequent flying...

Successful year of the music festivals, some better than others...WMC, DEMF, Sonar, Worldwide, plus some of the ones here on home turf (Jazz, NuFunk). Caught some hefty music acts this year...been good for shows, artist related souvenirs and tunes.

Lost my grandmum but got to spend time with my HK family because of it.

Bought a bike and got over my fear of riding in the city.

Family drama levels high this year, however none of it directly involved me. Just had to deal with the fall out.

Finished the year off with a high note as Tenaglia popped my Loft cherry.


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Thanks. I've always been more of a glass half full person, and dealing with my Multiple Myeloma diagnosis / treatment has pushed even my limits. It's a daily effort to keep being present and positive for the future.

sorry to see this - may the new year bring you good health
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Was intense for me.

* Moved back to Edmonton from Munich after living in Germany for 3 years.
* Was a best-man at a good friend's wedding
* Went to Vegas for a stag for the above-mentioned wedding
* Was a groomsman at a good friend's wedding in Houston, TX.
* Completely tore the Achilles tendon on my left ankle (took me out of commission from June to the end of August)
* Got back on the motorcycle a week after I got out of the cast from my Achilles injury
* Learned a boat load on the bike from a friend that races. Plan to hit the track in 2011.
* Paid off all my credit cards and LOC (haven't been balance-free since 2004 when i graduated university)
* Hit 315 on flat bench at the gym (pb)
* Got shitfaced a LOT

I think that's it.


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the good:
- moved out of small house and into bigger house. we are MUCH happier here with more space and more warmth and a DOUBLE-CAR GARAGE. this is more a real house and we really like it
- demo'ed the basement, moved the ductwork, built new walls, and are finally ready to paint and install carpet and create a cozy space to hang out as a family
- built huge planter boxes in my new backyard and have started a nice garden. looking forward to my plants filling out this summer
- going strong on my Project Management Certificate. 1/4 of the way there, with straight As!
- my work is getting more exciting and i look forward to 2011
- witnessed by BFF getting married to such a perfect partner for her AND was the first to find out she's going to be a mommy
- our parents and immediate family are all healthy and thriving and this is always something to be thankful for
- pushed myself physically with running. i never thought i would, but i love going for a hard run with my dog by my side

the bad:
- lots of death this summer/year in both my husband's and my family
- still in debt, but try to accept it as a necessary evil for now; also, something to work on

all in all, when i look back, i remember being happy, and feeling supported and confident in 2010. and i know i've had a good year.
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2010 was the year I discovered that I am a strong person with an amazing "circle of trust and support" (which includes tribe). It was good then devastating, but improved with a couple of hella rad surprises.
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P.s. lucky1 has the right attitude. Your fight for life puts everything into perspective. Good job lady!
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*** Lucky1's post is inspirational IMO****

2010 for me was all about grieving. As many of you know,my Dad passed away the previous summer and it was a difficult and complicated end because of his terminal cancer. Mom passed away 5 years before, and I discovered that I had spent 90% of my mental attention and love on Dad, making sure he could cope without her, dealing with his health issues, making sure he was OK while I lived halfway around the world.

After his passing I initially thought I would be grieving for Dad but instead found that I was grieving more for my Mom's death - something I must have unconsciously put aside in order to focus on taking care of my Dad. It caught up with me I guess.

As an only child, I am glad I was able to help the Old Man and personally take care of him as he reached the end of his journey and found that it reduced the depth of my grieving process for him after he had gone. I am glad I had the capacity to be there for him, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Although very tough, it was deeply rewarding spiritually.

Now, I am all centered and balanced and ready for 2011.

On the home front, I managed to be a homeowner with 2 homes on opposite sides of the world. Challenging, but doable.

2010 was also the year that the TBQ, the TRIBE BBQ, really took off! The biggest TBQ ever included a new element - a vehicle permit, which made it easier to lug the hundreds of pounds of coal and gear over to the island and back. I am predicting The 2011 TBQ will be even better still!

Klubmasta Will

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nice posts! i love reading what people have been up to, and it's good to see some familiar names come out of the woodwork.

i just got back from NYC, so will try to find time to add my post today or tomorrow.


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wow...some intense shit on here...lucky1, you truly are an inspiration. I hope 2011 is fabulous to you.

mcbee - crazy..but so happy to hear this wee one is doing great and wish you guys all the best.

this is what happens when I log on 3x a year..i miss tribe!

Klubmasta Will

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Forgive the long post, but I really like writing these “Year In Review” posts, as it is an excellent way to reminisce about the past year and reflect on stuff.

2010 was a year of big changes for me, in lifestyle and career. In the previous 2-3 years, I had been content to “coast” a bit in my job, using the extra time to travel and goof off a lot. I even took a 3 year sabbatical from teaching at Osgoode Hall. In 2010, I really got the itch to accomplish more at work and earn more money (such a noble cause, I know), which led to a recent job change and a couple of extra-curricular investment projects. All in all, it was a fantastic year.


  • Left my job of the last 6 years (which was no easy decision) and joined a new company. The new role is the best, most exciting and most lucrative that I have ever had.

  • Continued my personal fitness regime, although I have been slacking a bit since starting the new gig.

  • Rang in the new year in Hong Kong, at the tail end of our Vietnam/Hong Kong trip. This was my first time spending Christmas and New Year’s outside of Canada.

  • Spent 2.5 weeks in Guatemala with my wife. We hit Guatemala City, Antigua (climbed the Pacaya Volcano and got to walk right up to large flowing lava streams), Coban (swam at Semuc Champey and explored the Lanquin Caves) and Flores (Tikal and Yaxha Mayan ruins). This was an awesome trip in every respect.

  • Spent 4 days at Caye Caulker in Belize. SCUBA dove the Blue Hole which was a real treat.

  • Attended the Burning Man Festival again after a 2 year sabbatical. Loved it and made some great new friends, but will likely not go back, at least for awhile.

  • Spent 5 days at Whistler (for a leasing conference and snowboarding), topped off by an escorted ski-day hosted by two former Olympic skiers (both chicks, but I can’t remember their names, one was a gold medalist). This was one of the best and most challenging snowboarding adventures of my life, as the guides took us on some hiking runs that I would not have found on my own.

  • Spent a weekend snowboarding in Tremblant, but other than that did not hit the slopes as much as I’d hoped. I had planned to visit the Andes in the summertime (i.e. their wintertime), but this fell through because of my Arizona property deal (see below). It is my mission to snowboard the Andes in 2011.

  • Put together a group of friends/investors to buy 12 condominium units in Scottsdale, Arizona (which included an incredibly fun weekend visit to Scottsdale), taking advantage of their rock bottom real estate market and setting up a Rental Pool which is working out very nicely. This was my first foray into this type of thing and I may try to do it again if we can find another great bulk property deal. It was a *lot* more work than I had anticipated, though, so I am not sure I could fit a new deal into my new work schedule.

  • Spent 5 days in Vancouver for a work trip in May.

  • Spent 4 days in San Francisco in August, while interviewing for my new job.

  • Spent NYE in New York City with great friends. Saw the Spider-Man Broadway musical “Turn Off The Dark”. Despite the negative reviews the show has been getting, it is an incredible show, both visually and musically. Had dinner at a 3 Michelin star restaurant.

  • Visited Montreal for work every 2-3 weeks during the first 8 months of the year, while still at my old job. I am thankful to not have to make this regular trip anymore, but I do miss the city.

  • Did a big kitchen renovation which lasted 9 months (Jan – Sept) from start to finish. This was a *big* job that took up a ton of personal time, as we did the design and contracting ourselves. End result is pure awesomeness, but I’m not sure the stress was worth the money that we saved by not hiring a general contractor.

  • Sold the wife’s condo for a nice profit. Used the proceeds to pay off the mortgage on the HoS, pay for the kitchen renovation and buy the Arizona properties mentioned above.

  • Taught the ‘Lawyer As Negotiator’ course at Osgoode Hall again, and re-established my Adjunct Professor of Law status, after a 3 year sabbatical.

  • Saw the Roger Waters “The Wall” concert at ACC. It was a great show, but I am not as big a fan of Pink Floyd as others.

  • Got to see a Raptors game from courtside seats right under the net which was fun.

  • Left Hotmail for Gmail.

  • Left PC for Mac.

  • Left CIBC (almost) for RBC.

  • About to leave Rogers for Techsavvy.

  • Finally started downloading torrents and have been happily building a collection of movies and TV shows in electronic format. I will eventually discard my DVD/Blu-ray collection like I did my CD collection a few years ago.

  • Got a new nephew. (My brother’s second kid and my 8th time becoming an uncle.)

  • Got a new dog, a 1 -3 year old puppy (mix between American bulldog, boxer, possibly some pit bull) that we found tied up and freezing outside the Humane Society. We took him in, named him Bruce, got him acquainted with Kira (our husky) and he is now a happy member of the clan.

  • Saw three of my best friends move away, one to Whistler, one to London (UK) and one to London (Ontario).

  • Favourite parties were Andy C at The Guvernment, NYE at Hammerstein Ballroom and Crystal Method at the Tower of Babel (Burning Man).

  • Helped my brother and my best friend in their respective continued litigation matters, both of which will hopefully be resolved in 2011.

  • Favourite movies of the year are The Social Network, Inception and Toy Story 3. Favourite comic book is still Invincible. Favourite television shows are The Walking Dead and Mad Men.

That’s all I can recall at the moment.

Here’s looking forward to 2011! :)
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2010 was THE year of crazy transition for me.

~ reached a very dark place in my life where tried to kill myself, obviously since I am writing to you, that wasn't so successful. The experience was the turning point for me to change my life
~ got into a car accident and Chinese guy totaled my car and my lower back
~ entered the real estate industry after 8 months of studying, only to find out how sly this business is - got sued by the real estate company for breaching the contract, and asked to pay them back A LOT of money - eventhough clause 14 stated if I left the industry completely, I owe them no money. Clearly their lawyers were FAR better than mine
~ went back in IT and was the best thing I could have done for myself and my sanity
~ got engaged to the most wonderful man ever
~ threw two amazing and memorable parties with amazing friends and business partners
~ went back home to Romania to reconnect with family and finally get some answers
~ got disowned by my grandmother and aunt which they raised me because I am engaged to a brown man
~ found out they also stole money that belonged to my late mother from my grandfather's land and me and my sister got squat
~ after everything, I decided to simply start from zero, leave past where it belongs and redesign my life

So... I am pretty blessed to be alive, healthy and surrounded by positive people - because positive people is what made me believe in life again. :)


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Put together a group of friends/investors to buy 12 condominium units in Scottsdale, Arizona (which included an incredibly fun weekend visit to Scottsdale), taking advantage of their rock bottom real estate market and setting up a Rental Pool which is working out very nicely. This was my first foray into this type of thing and I may try to do it again if we can find another great bulk property deal. It was a *lot* more work than I had anticipated, though, so I am not sure I could fit a new deal into my new work schedule.

Great annual review KMW.

Let me know if you do venture into one of these things again - I might be interested depending on location.

Klubmasta Will

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erika - good to know! we could have used you in the last deal because we had to buy a minimum of 10 units in order to get the bulk discount price (which was a discount off of market price which was already less than half of what prices were a few short years ago). there are some incredible real estate deals available in certain states (arizona and florida especially, for a variety of reasons) that canadians are taking advantage of and we have a unique source for "bulk deals". at the end of the day, we were able to buy 12 units, but for awhile it looked like we weren't going to make our magic number of 10.

if i can squeeze another one into my work schedule, i will PM you to see if you want to join. :)


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This year has been one of the most challenging of my life.

The highs
Lots and lots of trips:
- Belgium in February 2010 (Brussels, Antwerp)
- Croatia in July (Dubrovnik, Split, Solin, Trogir)
- Sailing off the West coast of Scotland in August
- Five days in Northern Ireland with six good friends in August
- Paris with my mom in September
- Ljubljana, Slovenia in October with the husband
- Bologna, Italy with the DH in November
- Boulogne Sur Mer, France, for a day trip with a friend in December.

- And thanks to Eyjafjallajökull I got to spend an extra week with family and friends in Toronto in April as it was impossible to return to the UK. Score!

- Graduating top of my class, achieving the Francis Duke Award for best History student and a small cheque to go along with it. Finally getting my degree after seven years and graduating with the equivalent of a 4.0 GPA.

- Graduating teacher's college with As and Bs and getting a job at a good school. Achieving my dream after eight years.

The lows
- An awful last placement in a ghetto area with a seriously bitchy 'mentor'.

- Having several intense interviews before finally securing a job. Crying almost daily due to stress.

- the 12-14 hour days I've been putting in since starting in September.

- Finding out my dream is, in actuality, a fucking hard profession. I didn't think it would be easy but teaching three subjects in an inner city London school in an IT suite due to lack of classroom space (30 computers, 30 kids, I'm expected to get on with textbook/exercise work,) has left me on the verge of a mental and emotional breakdown.

All I really have to complain about for 2010 is work but it's amazing how at times that seems to consume me and how there are times that I thought I would collapse. This job is unlike anything I've ever experienced; I've worked demanding jobs before but this is a whole different level of difficult. Guess I'm stronger than I thought because I'm not broken yet.

For 2011 I'm trying to achieve that life/work balance, to try to live in the moment, take one day at a time and not worry so much about the future.
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Klubmasta Will

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pyro - nice to see what you've been up to! i was wondering whatever happened to you. congrats on achieving your dream job. :)

killalady - your year sounds insane, indeed. glad to hear that you're in a happier place.


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killalady - your year sounds insane, indeed. glad to hear that you're in a happier place.

You know, I have been through some tough times in my life... war, my mother died, abuse, miscarriage, etc.. and I kept telling myself: "well, I have been through it all, nothing else worse will happen to me." So I would go through life without learning ANYTHING out of those traumas and expect people to cater to my pain.

Guess what? Life has a funny way of proving you wrong.

I learnt that no matter what life throws at you, the most important thing that you should always take care of is your heart, because if your heart is in a positive place, everything will eventually fall into place, whether it's professional, personal, health-wise, etc

Oh, and keep positive people in your life, because they will love you and motivate you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.