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2009: Year in Review

Ms. Fit

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last year's thread (thanks missblu)

Wow, what a crazy roller-coasert year!

in a chronological nutshell:

+great NYE, being around loving people
-breaking up with bf in spring. very difficult, but we're still friends, which is WONDERFUL!
+went to Powerball in May on a whim. puked on an art exhibit in front of 'VIPs'
+dating. was fun.
-dating...bad experience with a jerk.
+3 months after bad experience, jerk is now a loyal friend.
+NYC in july. time with family and seeing DJ Dan at Pacha (door guy let us in for free after i whined at the $30 cover). drunkenly walking around manhatten with my extremely-conservative new yorker cousin at 6am.
+the summer was a haze of quality time spent with friends, patio beers almost EVERY night, open mics and jam sessions, afterhours...probably the best summer i've had to date
+met my current bf at the end of summer...really didn't see that one coming.
+lots of praise at my job
-more responsibility at said job, but same pay, same title
+fun times with current bf, concerts, art openings, parties and chillin'.
-broke up with one girl friend
-currently breaking up with another girl friend who i was reunited with this summer, after 5 years of lost touch. now i remember why.
+still active in the same voluteer-y stuff as last year
+killed it partying at TIFF and LG Fashion Week
-the best christmas i can remember

hears to 2010! BRING IT!

All in all, it was a fantastic year. Indeed, what happened in 2007 helped me achieve what I have in 2008. It's really only going to get better from here! :D

+after a stupid lame mini-betrayal on NYE, i promised myself that i wouldn't become jaded and i vowed to keep my heart open because i knew the guy of my dreams was around the corner. low and behold, i meet the love of my life two weeks later and at the end of this month, we will have celebrated our 1 year anniversary! :D

+saw spice girls, girl talk, flosstradamus, lady gaga...

+went to boy's parent's cottage for a week in august. so much fun.

+elected to the board of directors of a city of toronto organization

+took some PR and publishing classes while my then-job picked up the tab

+went to a couple gala fundraisers - one for mt. sinai and the other for the AGO

+performed (dance) at the AGO gala - easiest money EVAR!

+continued to teach dance part-time once in a while

+wrote a solid outline for what i hope will be a very publishable manuscript

+bought laptop to write said manuscript

+got tiffany jewelry for the first time

+volunteered a TON for a literacy group

+mom moved to toronto

+went to my friend's wedding in sudbury - great roadtrip:)

+stayed physically active, although it was a lot harder than last year

+read a TON, went to a lot of awesome cultural events

+cut loose 1 bad friend and a whole bunch of superficial ones. it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders

+got a SWEET severance package at my job and suddenly found myself unbroke and out of debt for the first time in my life adult life

+got a new job in the field i want, with higher pay, and speaking french

-struggling to accept the fact that i can actually be happy, be loved and love in return. this was very hard and i tried to sabotage it so many times. thankfully, it didn't work. i'm happy and i accept it :)

-i didn't write my gmat. my heart wasn't in it and it was a BAD idea choosing to study for it during the summer when i should be outside playing

-an issue with a family member that i had to get involved. this is probably the greatest letdown of the year for me

-2nd greatest letdown was being bullied by two bosses. it was aweful but i learned not to take bs anymore and actually came out the winner in all of this. one of the bosses is now unemployed with a destroyed career and reputation and the other one got delegated my responsibilities when i left and is a deadend job anyways. ha. big lesson learned - karma will take care of everything.

-i didn't snowboard

-i didn't travel

2009 will bring:
-more love
-lots of $$ saved plus a few steps closer to my goal of freedom 45
-gmat written, with a decent score
-continue to work out
-get my french translation certificate
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The hardest year of my life but the most fulfilling one.

- took care of my Dad for the first 3 months of the year and nursed him back to a place where he could walk about and enjoy his garden. He was still getting sicker and sicker from his cancer.
- Set up support nurses and doctors for him and handled his affairs and then came back to Toronto for a few weeks
- Got the call that he had taken a turn for the worse. Went back to South Africa and spent the last six weeks of his life with him, taking care of him, and making the final days of his journey as comfortable as possible.
- He passed away in June, and while it was expected, it was still a shock. Now an adult orphan, I am still grieving. I know I was the best son and friend I could possibly be right up to the end, without reservation. I learned so much from this experience, including who my friends are, and what things are really important in this life.
- took a gentle approach to the rest of the year. spent a lot of time on the Toronto islands decompressing and processing.
- Did a late TBQ but a nice one none the less.
- Did lots of bike riding and 3 months of pilates (5x a week)
- Met a gorgeous flight attendant on the way back from SA and we hang whenever she flies into TO.
- Did lots of fixing on my house including installing new windows throughout.
- Started an enormous photo project that I have been thinking about for years (a photographic tarot deck)


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Damn........I have no idea how you guys remember your year........lemme give this a try.

+/- Year started off with a bang, same stuff I've been doing for years, partied hard.
+ started a position at work that gives me ultimate freedom
+ visted my best friend in San Fran and had a great time, partying, hiked 25km through redwood forest and mountain
+ ran my first 10km race and ran a decent time considering I didn't train
+ Did my first canoe/portage trip, 50km in 4 days without prior experience or training with my fiancee who was a trooper and amazing
+ played beach volleyball again, we sucked, but it was fun
- fiancee and I broke up.......I think it was a long time coming.......still miss her more than I could ever explain, my bestfriend who is now gone.
+ got in the best shape of my life, lots of cardio, lots of weights, faster and stronger than ever
+ in love with jungle again
+ setting up moving out on my own, by myself, no roomates in the new year
+ bought a Blue Mountain 5X7 pass
+/- wrote two exams, who knows how they went
- back to smoking ciggys, not so in shape anymore, but will get there again
+/- dont smoke ganja much anymore
+/- met a crush who crushed my heart, she wasn't right for me anyways, but i was intrigued
+ getting "partying" under control

For 2010:

get my head right
get "partying" even more under control
move into my own place
big snowboarding trip in Feb out west (whoot!)
finish my certification and look for a new job
get personal training business started
volunteer somewhere new
read more
begin learning an instrument
meet lots of new people
enjoy not being in a rush, slow down a lil bit
find a passion in life that can make me money


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- took an amazing Japan trip
- things are going great with my lady
- my best friend got engaged
- passed my professional exam in November (got the results this month)
- completed my second album

- my favourite local joint (and where I DJed for years) closed suddenly after 20 years
- not a ton of good music to be had this year
- just found out that an old friend died a week ago (complications from diabetes)
- didn't hit very many parties at all

Subsonic Chronic

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Another awesome year. Moving out West 3 years ago has turned into such an amazing, continuous adventure. I can't even imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't.

• Moved from Jasper to Revelstoke (although I do miss my Jasper friends quite a bit)
• Bought a house (adult responsibilities!)
• Started a new kick-ass job at a physiotherapy & massage clinic working with two outstanding therapists
• Got back to training martial arts, helping to open a new gym for 2010
• Played Ultimate again for the first time in years
• Completed my personal trainer studies (still waiting on the exam result though!)
• Continued an awesome relationship with the most kick-ass partner-in-crime imaginable

For 2010:
• Ramp up martial arts training, get into some BJJ tournaments
• Progress on the personal training side, start teaching strength & conditioning classes
• Keep taking on new responsibilities at work
• Host more visits from family & friends at the house
• Get out snowboarding in more powder

Good times. :)
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2009 was quite the intense year. i'm happy to see it go.

~ ended a really bad relationship, which put my life into a tailspin and will probably continue into the new year
~ didn't pay off my debt as planned

~ moved back 'home' to K/W which has turned out to be the best thing i could do for myself. amazing what some good friends, home cooking, and relaxing can do for your soul
~ got my LEED certification
~ kicking ass at work with a potential to shorten my commute this year
~ improved my relationship with my family
~ spent many relaxing days at the cottage, most time i've spent up there in years (since i was 15)
~ continuing with school and my education (for fun)
~ went horseback riding for the first time
~ met someone totally different for me, and now have two little people who look up to me. very overwhelming, but such an awesome experience.

for 2010:
~ finally go on the vacation that i have been talking about for years (its booked)
~ get closer with the boy and his kids
~ help him get the new business underway
~ get my PMP designation
~ stay close with my friends and family
~ keep everything on the positive


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2009 was another year of stress and big changes for me but it's ending on a positive note so here's hoping that continues in the new year!

- Started the year unemployed/at-home mum/working freelance and in a very bad financial state, I honestly didn't think we were going to make it. I was a ball of stress for January - July. The only good thing about this mess was that not once did our relationship ever waver, I am incredibly lucky to be married to an such an amazing guy.

- April: Maya, the happiest ball of trouble in the world, turned one.

- July: After months of job searching I landed a long-term contract in my field and am loving it here and have and interview for a full time gig in January. My sister was incredibly awesome and helped us through the transition.

- August: Elissa turned FOUR.

- August: The hubby started a new gig downtown, big changes for him but they are good!

- September: Elissa started kindergarten and is loving it, reading and writing - crazy!

We've just been coasting now for the last few months - both of us working, the girls loving school/preschool and we're finally getting things under control. We were able to give the girls a nice christmas and I'm hoping our upward trend continues through next year.


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-started off the new year just 2 months after my dad died, less than year after my mom died

+Work got better
+relationship got better, so much that I proposed in April
+in september I bought a house. We move in Jan 7
+started off the year in gym
-finishing it not in the gym

So 2010 starts off with a new chapter in a house, with a new car (hopefully) and my wedding in June
Yessir, I'm excited!


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  • Found an amazing g/f. Living together happily.
  • Just got a crazy dream job that may pave the way to early retirement.
  • Almost finished masters and already found another program to enroll into after.

  • Doctor said I have relatively high blood pressure (=risk factor for early death). Not too happy.
  • Due to work & school no time to kiteboard/snowboard, or to go to the gym.


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What an amazing year 2009 was!

Yay, in chronological order:
- got permanent status at my dream job at the City
- got my 2nd degree yellow belt in Kung Fu
- produced a massive press conference with great results
- dream trip solo to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for a month
- got engaged!!
- bought a massive condo a 5min walk from work that we'll live happily ever after in
- installed a new hot tub at the cottage and had weekend after weekend of the best possible times there with friends and family
- romantic getaway to NYC with my sweetie (his first time so I got to play tour guide, fun)
- pulled off PR miracles in my biggest campaign to date - event was a huge success
- dream trip with my sister to Belize
- entertaining in my new home over the holidays
- a fantastic Christmas with my own family and my inlaws to be

Nays, in no particular order:
- still smoking and haven't lost any weight
- drama with one of my bestest friends that I regret
- my sister moved to Baffin Island and I miss her like crazy
- although it's 'good' debt, I still have mountains of it to pay off

for 2010 I will be:
- gettin' hitched
- nesting in my new palace
- getting my Kung Fu orange belt
- getting in shape (will THIS be the year?!)
- spending lots of time with my favourite people
- continuing to work my butt off at a job I adore
- getting more sleep
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2009 was a really good year (mostly).

  • + rang in 2009 in Taiwan
    + did a ton of yoga in Taiwan and got into really good shape
    + did a bunch of traveling (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi' An, Cuba)
    + skied for the first time ever (in Korea)
    + both of my brothers had baby girls
    + met a young French-Canaindian girl while in Cuba
    - we just weren't right for each other (actually, she was probably too young - I was 31, she was 20)
    + got my M1 and then M2 license
    + bought my new motorcycle and rode it back from Wichita, Kansas
    + found a new job that I can tolerate
    - salary is mediocre
    - gramma died (she would have been 95 on January 3rd)
    + my best friend in Taiwan got engaged (he learned he will be a father of a baby girl next year)
    + went back to Taiwan to be best man at my friend's wedding
    + met a girl in Taiwan (closer to my age this time)
    - I had to come back to Canada
For 2010:
  • travel even half as much as I did in 2009
  • start studying Chinese again
  • save money for my big trip in 2011 (the dream)
  • take more photos
  • maybe move out to Vancouver
  • possibly look for a higher-paying job (or ask for a raise)
  • see more concerts and live music (haven't been to a concert since Edgefest 1994 or 95)
  • get my full M license
  • do a trans-Labrador trip on my motorcycle (if I don't move out west)
  • get back onto shape


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its very hard for me to summarize a year in review since i am so incredibly absent minded but I think 2009 was a year of contentment and enjoyment without no glaring incidents of unhappiness. I think I'm in a happy place surrounded by good people.


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In 2009:
+ travelled to 8 different countries
+ promoted again
+ partied my ass off in Munich for a 3rd consequetive year
+ met a nice girl
- moved back to Edmonton
+ bought me a nice motorcycle
+ moved back to Munich 2 weeks after moving back to Edmonton
+ drank 65 liters of beer in 2 weeks at Oktoberfest (3 years in a row baby!)
+ became an uncle
- owe 6 digits worth of taxes dating back to 2007 because my company accountants neglected to update my tax bracket after 3 promotions.
+ got a 6 digit bonus
= bonus went straight to the tax man.
+ made a lot more new friends
- moved back to Edmonton... again.
- had to buy a car because I'm in Edmonton... and a parking pass downtown.
+ planned a vacation with a German booty call in Cancun
+ am in the best shape of my life (193 lbs at roughly 10% body fat whilst drinking my face off)

For 2010 - there's only one thing on my list:
  • Get a great job and move back to Munich

Well, I suppose the whole 3-some thing is always on the list but doesn't need to be mentioned.
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2009 was a really good year for me.

-cont'd to be completely in love with my bf <3
-kicked butt at school, completed my required courses, passed my comprehensive exams, won a scholarship, got some good ideas for my thesis
-helped run an arts co-operative
-moved my family to the same city as me and not regretted it

The only bad thing really is that I've put on some weight. So, 2010 I plan to get fitter, and to do that I'm going to be pulling out of the arts co-op so that I can fit fitness into my life without compromising my priorities. If a get back in shape and get published I will be quite happy with the next 12 months.


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Wow Rocky, that's a nice trip you've got planned! I'm sad I have to put my own big one on hold indefinitely while the chains of a big mortgage and upcoming nuptials keep me grounded in Toronto for a while. Good luck with it!


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2009 was a pretty legendary year for me.

I killed an Archdemon, drove a 250 mph Bugatti Veyron, infiltrated the Vatican City, and was an undercover CIA Agent who infiltrated a Russian terrorist organization and took part in a massacre at the Zakhaev International Airport in Moscow.


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That is why I need to do this now; while I'm still young and free. I'm going to eventually settle down (I think), so now is the best time for me to do it (I'm not getting any younger).

I've planned about 60% of the trip over the past two years; and got my license and motorcycle this summer. Now all I need is to save the rest of the money I will need for the trip; and the courage to take the leap and spend a year or two on the road. I just need to make sure that I don't do anything silly like fall in love; or unintentionally make a baby.

What was your big one?
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+ 180 turn in my lifestyle. Started paying attention to what I eat, and started training in the gym
- with a change in lifestyles, came less time for old hobbies like Djing and my music.
+ making new fruitful relationships, and removing the ones that aren't needed.
+ gainin confidence, learning what I want in life, and how not to settle.
-did not get to go camping this year
+ being challenged at work, instead of being bored.


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- Turned 40. Sometimes surprised that I've made it this far, but garnering increasing appreciation of the experience and wisdom that can accompany life's suffering when one makes a conscious choice to learn from, rather than wallow in it.

- Just celebrated one year of marriage, where we've shared much laughter and tears and grown together, as we promised each other from the onset.

- After a year and a half of eating, breathing and sleeping Shiatsu, both my wife and are now Certified Shiatsu Practitioners, with marks in the 90s that placed us at the top of our class. Immense pressure at times, with our teacher explaining quite early on that we were being given 3-5 years worth of material to assimilate, but well worth every alternately fun/painstaking minute. After dropping out of university way back when, and having not completed any formal education for almost 20 years, finding I have a real knack for helping people in this way has made me feel like I have a new lease on life.

- Kicked my home-based, vinyl-only DJ school into full gear and had a very successful year with it, teaching Techno, House and Electro to students as young as 13 and as old as 41. A lot of people scoffed at the idea, but I designed a curriculum that drastically shortens the learning curve, while at the same time ensuring that students have fun while learning and also develop a solid appreciation for the vast history of the craft and the music.

- Continued to exorcise past demons, striving toward living more and more in the present moment. It's really the only game in town.

- After a long and rather frustrating run of unemployment, landed two part-time jobs in the same week, both relatively enjoyable and not overly taxing on either mind or body, leaving me plenty of energy to focus on the aforementioned Shiatsu schooling.

- Picked up a tonne of kickass vinyl for a song, continued to hone my three-turntable sets, got back in touch with my oldschool roots, exploring classic Chicago/Detroit/Electro/Acid as much as time/energy would allow, and held and played at some very memorable parties.


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sadly, alot of the crap that happened in my life in 2008 continued for me in 2009. i'm not sad to see this year end.

in 2009, i ....

-miscarried in my 11th week of pregnancy.
-continued to have my trust broken.
-finally stood up for myself and put some hard core boundaries onto what I would and would not allow in my life.
-cried myself to sleep many a night.
-went to more therapy.
-leaned on my friends and family for more and more support.
-continued to learn the true meaning of my marriage vows.

i *think* things are finally turning around for me. got a massive promotion in november! i feel happier and more at ease now than i have in many many months. here's hoping 2010 brings more of the same!

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