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2006 was a very bad year


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probably the worst year of my life. sure i learned a lot, and there were a few really good moments, but overall 2006 was tough, painful and full of bullshit and i'm so fucking happy it is over. bring on 2007.
anyone else have a particularly bad 2006?


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It wasn't as bad as 2004 for me, but I can't say it was the greatest either. This year was all about healing, so I could say that 2006 was the hardest year for me to bounce back from everything I went through in 2004 and 2005.


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2004 >> 2005 + 2006

2007 >> 2004

Oh Six wasn't all THAT bad, but if anything it was on giant trial & error process.

Old Yeller

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2006 started out worse than any other year of my life, but over the past 12months, i've managed to pull it back together. I have to consider this year to be a success, and among the tops ones of my life :cool:
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2006 was fantastic.....but I know what it is to have a bad year. That would be 2000 and 2004 for me.

No worries. The year of James Bond 2-007 (two double o seven) is gonna kick ass folks.

P.S. Bring back the big raves at the Better Living Centre. That'll help.


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i lost my job 7 days into 2006, and that wasn't even the worst part. yup, get the hell out of my life you awful year.


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chin up everybody. the lulls make the highs so much sweeter. remember that. i've had my share of shitty trials and errors but you learn, pick up and move onwards and upwards!! :) best of luck to everyone in 2007!

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2006 was a good year for me!

I made more money then I ever have.
I have more debt then I ever had?!?!?!?! (not a good thing)

I had a beautiful baby girl who makes every minute, of every day, better.

Not much exciting happens to me.


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2006 was a difficult but learning year...moving across the world will do that I guess.

I sure wish I was with my husband to ring in the new year, but instead I get to spend it with my parents!

I'm totally stoked for 2007.
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case sensitive

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case sensitive said:
Much less predictable than any other year.

Which meant a lot of pleasant surprizes, that dulled the painful ones.
Also! My ongoing quest for world domination was once again not realized this year, but I think it just might happen in 2007.


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2006 has been the best and worst. I promise not to complain if next year is more mediocre. :)

I can't really separate the good from the bad because everything is all intertwined. Moving four times really sucked but I am now so appreciative of my present awesome and somewhat longterm living situation. Not knowing where my dad is has been heart wrenching but now I know exactly how I feel and what I want when it comes to my family. Being really broke for most of the year wasn't fun but now I appreciate being a "poor" student.

This year was more trying than I expected it to be but I am happier and wiser for all of it.


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2005 was a very very hard year for me, and life-changing.
2006 was a pretty good year, i got to enjoy some of the hard work that i did in 2005.

with luck 2007 will be even better.


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2006 was nice & stable. A lot of great moments, but nothing life changing or earth shattering.

For 2007 I'm ringing in the new year at work on Tuesday by giving my notice that I'll be quitting mid-February and my life will change pretty dramatically after that. I'm really excited for the new challenge!

I'm sure I'll have a lot more to say in the 2007 version of this thread a year from now :D


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I agree. I never want to remember anything from this year. Like 1984, just erase it from my mind. The bad just outnumbers the good by like 100:1. Break ins, break ups, deaths, money, health, work, truck, Landlord...I want it gone.

I am expecting....no I am going to work to make 2007 the year that I finally came through and pushed to make everything in my life right again.
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Ditto Much

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hmm I just don't know. Trying to save the childs life goes down as the worst moment of my life. Getting kicked oput of the US sure did suck monkey balls. Crazy Vegan redhead didn't trun out so well and love letters sent by txt message just lose there meaning. I lost a car to the Department of Homeland Security and a friend to the dangers of the world.

I'm thinking I'm voting 2006 to the memory blank file.


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Yeah, 2006 can go to hell, but for me, 2003/4 was hillariously awful. My life was a Kafka novel.

2007, here I come, motherbitch.


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last half of 2005 through to first half of 2006 sucked ass. christmas last year was all kinds of bad news with repercussions that reverberated through to spring. it's been pretty good since june i guess: may 1 we got out of the terrble apartment we moved into after xmas last year so by june we were settled into this lovely studio; we knew thom's sister was gonna be ok; and my aunt died in april, so the dying of cancer was over at least and by june the fam was coping much better.

my years still run on school time: a cohesive year always seems to be divided by summer, not new years.

2007 is the year of the d, i can tell.


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most action-packed year of my life. some good, some bad, all big.

to be honest, i'm a bit tired, but despite all the craziness i somehow find myself the most stable me i've ever been. nutty how life works.


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I liked 2006 before they sold out and went commercial. I'm hoping that 2007's solo projects allow him to get back to his roots and give back to his fans.
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