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2006 so far…


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We’re virtually at the half way mark of 2006 and I figured it would be interesting to hear how the scene is treating everyone so far this year. Here’s my outlook on the first six months of 2006.

The Big Guys

Of course I’m going to start off with Luke Fair. He’s yet to have a live set in Toronto this year (thank God he was able to fit in that that killer night at Footwork in December). Nevertheless, there’s never a shortage of his music floating around the web. Within the last month a set of his from a Focus party in Vancouver was broadcast on Frisky Radio and two more amazing mixes were aired on Australian radio shows FBI 94.5 in Sydney and JJJ Mixup (both of these mixes are on his priceless website right now). He’ll finally lay down at a couple events on home soil in support of his new Electraluxe label towards the end of July; definite “can’t miss” parties for sure.

Demi has to be my next favorite of the year. His energy and zest for the entire scene just flows onto the dance floor and into his productions. He too has launched a new label, DSR Recordings. He absolutely blew us all away in The Drink during the Freedom party, and I’d do anything to get to one of those S.O.S. parties in Ibiza. This dude is certainly on the rise fast.

Speaking of S.O.S. there isn’t anyone who has been more consistently amazing in 2006 than Omid 16b. The S.O.S. Essential Mix was a huge step beyond any Emix I’ve heard in recent memory. He also put together tight, tight mixes for a couple of Proton Radio shows and Justmusic FM. Omid’s been around for some time now, but it seems in 2006 he’s got his sh!t together and has brought his undeniable talent to the forefront of the industry. I cannot wait till he makes it to Toronto, hopefully soon.

Next on my “can’t get enough” list is 16 Bit Lolitas. Oh my have I loved these dudes this year! I couldn’t believe it when Brad C skipped Diggers at the Pawn Shop to hear them at Nikki Beach a couple of WMC’s ago, but now I realize why that decision was completely justified. I knew they were very accomplished in the production ranks, but holy moly can they lay down a mix set as well. I believe they also do a live act; mixed or live, they definitely do it for me. Amongst several radio sets this year, they provided Frisky with a four part Featured Artist mix that sums up their genius to perfection.

Some final notes on The Big Guys: God bless John Digweed for bringing me the beats every single week. Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff, together and as individuals, still have every bit of it. It’s been awesome to hear Danny Howells back to the form that I love most. Lee Burridge drops the largest bombs of all time. Steve Porter has won me over once again and Dimitri From Paris laid down the best Soho set so far, without a doubt.

The New Crew

After this weekend Ricky Ryan aka Can Costa will be bumped to the group above, as Digweed’s Kiss FM will be airing a 27 track masterpiece from Argentina’s new superstar that I’m certain will push him over the top. He stopped into Toronto in March to provide our crew with a special set that none of us will ever forget and one visit to his Feedback Bookings web site and you’ll see that this guy has all the passion and desire to make a great living out of his immense talent.

John Do from Los Angeles remains a huge favourite of mine. Each and every month he puts together a top quality House groove for his Basic Frequencies on Proton Radio show. He’s playing alongside all the big guns at his residency in Avalon and he and Justin Gourley are rocking their own west coast parties on regular basis. He is the one and only reason why I need to go clubbing in L.A.

Staying on the west coast, but on the greener side (literally) is the continually stellar Kevin Shiu from Vancouver. He is living proof that Progressive music is far from dead. He consistently finds quality Prog and programs it as well as any top level DJ out there. The entire Progressive Entertainment crew in Van City has it going on and I cannot wait to visit there one day as well.

My most recent discovery of 2006 actually comes from the finely tuned ear of my girlfriend. Her subscription to the Frisky podcast introduced us to the sounds of NYC’s Holosound. Alex Fish and Noah Becker make up this super quality duo championing a sound they call “Illectro.” It’s a fusion of Progressive, Electro and Tech-House that has had me jumping for weeks on end. I can’t help but think of the old Breathe days when I hear their music. Keep an ear out for these dudes - they’re really on top of things.

The Locals

I’ll start off with Sean Miller, who I’ve honestly not heard much from, but I’m super impressed with how he’s put himself out there and he’s definitely creating waves throughout the industry. I’ve seen reviews of his tracks in major magazines and he seems to always be on the big stage at big events. Now that I have more time to roam around to other clubs, I’ll definitely need to check him out.

My main man Sean Crawford is really coming into his own as well. His strategically named promos are always in heavy rotation in my mp3 player and it sounds like he has a bomb for a first production getting ready for launch. It seems like everything he likes - I like, so I can’t wait to hear more material from him throughout the second half of the year.

The dude who has saved my butt on countless Friday nights this year is Brad Copeland. He’s displayed an incredible range with his warm-up sets at This is London. Many of the DJs he’s opened for have been outside his preferred sound; however, he continually manages to put together proper intros to the night, every night. Soho’s Progressive House guests will still have the privilege of having Brad open the room for them, but it’ll be great to hear him at different venues as the year progresses. I know he’s working hard in the studio and I’m anticipating some spectacular music from Brad in the near future.

Some final notes on The Locals: Tim Patrick and Glenn Morrison are on the brink of heading out on European tours this summer. It’s fantastic to see a couple of Torontonian talents taking their show overseas. Finally, I love it that fellow Browntowner Lee Osborne continues to hammer the Toronto underground. He’s always been and always will be one of the craziest and coolest guys in the scene.

There’s my inflated two cents. In an up and down year for me, I take solace in knowing that are truly no limits to this music and I’m so appreciative of the people mentioned above for never allowing me to forget this.

I’m written this in the hope of finding some motivation; please let’s hear how everyone else is enjoying the music this year. I’ve love to read about the talents and sounds that I’ve overlooked.
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What’s going on with Dave Seaman this year? I haven't herd much about him.

on the house side of things, Cox, Morillo and Tomiie are some names I haven't herd much about lately.

One of my favorite mixes is Lawler and Morillo from a year back.


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nice list Gregor

I got another thing to add to that:

Digweeds hair

biggest story of 2006. Almost as bad as my hair of 2005


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For me so far.... hmmm

Laid's new CD is incredible, I can't stop listening to it. So beautiful, less bleep and more whoosh.

I seem to always love Mashtronic stuff, they're huge!

Paolo Mojo's Balance CD is one of the best dj mixes I've heard.

Francois K & Joe Claussel were amazing at the 99 Sudbury party before it got shut down. Their respective CDs that are out are sick too.

Really enjoyed the SOS essential mix, and the 3 guys by them selves are dope as hell too. Demi's mix on digger's show was smooth as anything.

Sick EM by Damian Lazarus, as well as Nic Fanciulli.

Huuuuuge break out year for Chris Lake! Massive stuff!

Still loving Timewriter stuff too, can't remember if his Paintbox album came out towards the end of last year or early this year.

Thats what pops in my head at the moment.


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smack said:
Digweeds hair

biggest story of 2006.

About to become bigger:



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james zabiela- for being innovative

Phil K- I like his sets and the gridy techy breaky tracks he produces

Luke Dzierzek- His production

Lee Burridge- He's the man!
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Steve Lawler's Viva is one of the best comps I've heard this year. But there are close seconds with Hernan Cattaneo's Renaissance Sequential, Dave Seaman's Renaissance Masters Vol 7 and Digweed's Renaissance Transitions. I can't help but think this is the year of Renaissance, as I can't wait for their next mixes.

Also, really digging Fabriclive 28 with Evil 9, James Holden's At The Controls, Paolo Mojo's Balance 009 and the WMC mix with Deep Dish, Howells and everyone else on that.

Can't wait for Jimmy Van M's Balance next. That's probably the one I'm looking forward to the most.


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smack said:
nice list Gregor

I got another thing to add to that:

Digweeds hair

biggest story of 2006. Almost as bad as my hair of 2005


good on everyone for mentioning the year's top comps. for as much as i live on promos and radio sets, nothing beats a proper pressed compilation.
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I can't really comment on nights out this year --- but after being disappointed by so many mixes last year, following tonnes of hype, there have been some great finds this year...

Many repeats from above...

Ricky Ryan - Can Costa - The Feb 23 mix from Proton Radio kept me going on the subway many mornings...One of my favourite intro tracks to a mix in a long time...

SOS Essential Mix -- I can't really add too much more to what's been already said...3 hours of fantastic music...

Adam Marshall -- Maximal (Mixtape 2006) -- I sort of was drifting away from the techno sounds this year after being caught up in the minimal stuff last year...However, this mix has such a nice groove and hypnotic sound...Lots of retro sounds...

Balance 009 - Paolo Mojo -- see above...one of the best commerical mixes available...

Also, Danny Howells Choice --- Great tunes, Great memories...(+ it was great to welcome in 2006 with DH)...

Thanks to my hook-up for all the great mixes this year :) ... Totally respected for searching out so much great music & sharing ...

& big thanks to chris for his explorations mix --- I know it's from the end of last year, but it takes almost a year to listen to so many great tracks :)

Also, it's been 10 years since the release of Northern Exposure, which really brings a lot of things full circle for myself...The mix that brought me back from the realm of drum & bass is now a decade old --- I guess the question, has anybody been able to re-capture the magic of this mix --- Many have tried, but it still stands up to many attempts to capture the magic that is Northern Exposure...



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djcheezwhiz said:
& big thanks to chris for his explorations mix --- I know it's from the end of last year, but it takes almost a year to listen to so many great tracks :)


thanks John :)


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Here's my favs so far in 2006...

-Nic Fanciulli

-The S.O.S. crew (Masilleo/Demi/Omid16b)

-Luke Fair

-Danny Howells

-Swedish House Mafia (Angello/Prydz/Ingrosso/Axwell)

-John Dahlback


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Since January I have heard and danced to some of the best music at both smaller parties and larger events at clubs such as This Is London and Footwork.

I had an awesome time at the Promise New Years Eve party where Lee Osborne and Mike Gibbs blew me away with their sets. It felt great to be in an authentic warehouse space/dance studio off Queen West. The best thing about it was the open and friendly atmosphere. The next show that I attended was a night in March when Ricky Ryan was spinning-you are right Gregor- it was an unforgettable night. I was in Vancouver a month later in record store where I found a few of his tracks and told everyone about how amazing it was to see him spin. We need more nights like that. I hope he comes back soon.

And speaking of being in Vancouver, I had some great times recently at Lotus Lounge, where I saw Desyn Masiello, Kevin Shiu and James E. (this guy plays some of the best, sexiest electro I have ever heard). And Desyn- what can I say- he rocks and is one of my favourites. I have to say the mix that I have been listening and dancing to the most in the last few months is the WMC 2006 Desyn Masiello-Live At Club Space mix, pure bliss, track after track…I also love the S.O.S. WMC 2006 Mix; the Chris Lake Kiss FM mix from February 2006; all the James Zabiela mixes from this year, especially the most recent one on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection 06-16-2006; the Kiss 100 FM Terry Grant mix 06-04-2006 (and love the 'Komputers are the Devil' track!)

Some other unforgettable dancing nights included Desyn Masiello in March at This Is London, Laurent Garnier (what a musical journey that was!), the Freedom party with Deep Dish, Brad Copeland, Seb Fontaine, and Demi- what a night…all those artists were incredible. I also had a great time at Marc Romboy at Footwork, it was a great set- funky tech house, with an electro feel, with tons of surprises and twists. I would love to see him again. I am definitely looking forward to more dancing nights in this up coming year, especially this Friday (Nic Fanciulli and Desyn, can't even explain how excited I am for this :D), James Zabiela (finally!) and Luke Fair on July 22nd.
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bringthebeats said:
Of course I’m going to start off with Luke Fair. He’s yet to have a live set in Toronto this year

Honestly, I think this is brutal. Luke should be playing here at least four times a year in my opinion. It's too bad his Toronto management (obviouisly not talking about you Gregor) can't make this happen when they seem to be able to come through for so many others.


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so far
for me
2006 has been all about these guys

shur i kan
oliver koletzki
gabriel ananda
funk dvoid
spirit catcher
16 bit lolitas
the field
chelonis r jones
booka shade
stephan bodzin
serge santiago

as far as labels go

buzzin fly
urban torque

in my opinion
best track of the year
so far

paul jackson - souls (oliver koletzki remix)