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2006 Interior Design Show


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Suppose this might get moved to the Party Review forum but I'll post here for now.

I went to the opening gala of the 2006 Interior Design Show last night. This is the fifth year in a row that I've been to the show and I must say this year is the first time I've been disappointed. The whole show this year was a big let down. Where was the design?

In past years the show has been full of new ideas. Lots of furniture, lighting, kitchens, bathrooms, tilework etc.... This year I don't think I saw a single product that looked fresh and new let alone made me say wow. Generally speaking this year seemed to be showing off large amounts of outdoor furniture and bathtubs and little else. Some nice kitchens were there but I don't remember seeing much indoor furniture or light fixtures.

As well, this year there was only one featured designer project space, the bright pastel Kit 24 house by Karim Rashid. It was interesting but nothing like some of the fantastic projects I've seen in past years.

I still had a pretty good time. Opening night brings out probably one of the best looking and best dressed crowds in Toronto, full of lots of media celebrities and similar types. Charles Kabouth from Guvernment had a big hand in the opening night party so he brought all the Guvernment bartenders it seemed to help out, including the topless body painters. The whole free food and wine thing was a bit of a mess with long lineups though.

I must also mention the really weird themes going on at the show. All their print promotion for the show seems to be using a lot of red. The opening night party was called the "rouge" party. Why then the bright pink going on everywhere, pink carpet, oversized pink ballons etc...? The whole thing seemed to be a bit of mess and poorly coordinated, not something you'd expect for an interior design show.
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j bunny 2000

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I'm still looking foward to going. I have a great time every year. Last year my favourite exhibit was the Cicconne and Simone's bathroom exhibit for American standard. I still have to go regardless for a school assignment. :)

the gatekeeper

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I'm going on Sunday. I missed last year's but have been to all the rest. I'm hoping to exhibit in the show next year so I definitely want to go check it out.
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