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2005 Ride Solace (women's snowboard 138)FS


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oarding girls wanting to have fun and hang with their friends (or the boys) on snow, the Solace features a soft flex and new Sidewall for all-around ease and Riding mobility. Both on hill and in the park, you're bound to have a blast whether hitting booters or maneuvering around them.

SIZES: 138, 142, 146, 150, 154
SHAPE: Directional
SIDECUT: New! Radial
CONSTRUCTION FEATURES: New! 45° Thin Con - Sidewall / Progression Core / Biaxial Fiberglass / 1500 Grade Extruded Fusion Base / Fusion Tip and Tail / Patented True-Flex Inserts / Dual Resin System

check out pix at www.ridesnowboards.com

This is the pink board, it retails for $600 and I'm selling for $300.
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im 5'5.. not so sure that would be wise.. hehe

is this the board?


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SmoothOperator said:
Steven, my ex-roomate can't thank you enough for her Solace 142. She freakin loves it!

Always glad to hear people are enjoying their decks, that's awesome, Rob. hope your season has been going well. Alberta was sick - first weekend out there we went down to the interior rockies, Castle Mountain - four feet of fresh powder. Maddness.