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2005 Mazda 3 Lease Takover


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Posting this for a friend who will be leaving the country soon. Please do not contact me -- all inquires should be directed to Melissa Burton at

t: 705.737.3269
e: melissadburton (at) gmail.com

-Color: Titanium Grey Metallic
-Interior Color: Black
-4 door
-$326/month (with tax) - this is a dealer's discount, the price for employee's only
-2 additional speakers, power locks, remote key less entry, illuminated entry, steering wheel mounted audio controls (convenience package)
-CD player
-All season tires
-Air conditioning with micron air filter
-5-speed manual transmission
-28,000 km
-Lease term: 48 months total (35 months remaining)
-80,000 km over the lease term (0.8 cents/km over and above)
-Mazda factory warranty: the basic warranty on Mazda vehicles covers all parts found to be factory defective for 36 months or 80,000 km. additional warranties cover power train components for a period of 5 years or 100,000 km. body sheet metal perforation for 5 years and specific emission control components for up to 8 years or 128,000 km.
-all maintenance has been made as per the lease schedule
-photos available at: http://www.mazda.ca/root.asp
-freight and PDI deposit made at the beginning of the lease term and approximately $3400 has been paid towards final ownership
-a great car with great pick-up
-can transfer the car in Ottawa, Toronto, or Montreal
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