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2005 Jetta 1.8T Loaded 175K kms $5000 quick sale


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$4500 as-is
$4800 certified
$5000 cert and detailed

175,000 kms
manual 5MT
loaded with leather, sunroof etc

Car is owned by a friend of mine. Truly lady driven, her work is in Aurora and home is in Don Mills, mostly highway miles. I know that's what all the ads say but really this is true here.


Great buy if you ask me!
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And, I made a mistake - 2003 not 2005. Totally my fault, it's my friend's car and I erred when I entered the sale ad.

However that error results in a $500 price drop AND summer and winter wheels + tyres, although the rubbers gonna need to be replaced come summertime.
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