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2003 summarized


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Stand out moment. = Choreographing a free party in the mountains of BC with some really brilliant people.

Achievement = quitting smoking

Regret = giving energies to draining situations

Stress = Money

Realization = Cocaine is as common as weed and its habitual use is slowly destroying social circles everywhere

Saying.= It’s going to be alrite

Food= Vegetarian curry

Drinks= Wine and water

Sport= football (footy)

Blessing = Good friends

World event = War in Iraq

Mental safe spot to compare present environment to= Kits beach, Vancouver

year I wish it was = 1998

Intent for next year = constantly contribute to own ideas, believe in others and open up my ears to listen more.

2003 took my wife & me the full twelve rounds and I don’t think it fought a clean flight…no hard feelings but my opinions result in being tainted and my actions are somewhat cautious.
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Stand out moment. = Going to Virgina, Luray Caverns and experiencing my 1st trip to the "south"

Achievement = getting the title "good cook" from my mom ;D

Regret = buying cigs during exam time

Stress = hardly

Realization = I was right about everything I thought about life in highschool


Food= sashimi

Drinks= Wine and water (gonna agree with this one)

Sport= marathon sex

Blessing = praying b4 an exam I thought I was gonna fail ( i NEVER pray) and having it turn out alright

World event = Iraq

Mental safe spot to compare present environment to= uh...suburban toronto?

year I wish it was = 1994

Intent for next year = continue moving upwards with my marks. Travel outside of the country. Learn to make kick ass martinis. Get a really really good computer. Rediscover my muse.