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>200 Mega Record Sale


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Hi gang,

I had posted earlier with a list of records available on a per PM basis. Response was not overwhelming so i've reposted the list of available records below. I'd like to make space in my house pronto for these records that i don't play so they are going for 4 bucks a pop. They are in excellent condition and I live in downtown T.O.

Deals can be made for bulk buys of course. Also... if anybody wants the whole lot - for starting a collection, entrepreneurship, digging for gems - i'm willing to let it all go (236 records) for 350 bucks or best offer.

PM me or email me at astrolyze@hotmail.com

good luck,

Aaliyah One in a Million WL Remix
Acapulco So Strong Vocal Perversion; Kissin' the Bomber Dub
Ace How Long WL House Mix & Dub
Aczess Do What We Would Sharp Boys Cyclone Remix; Flatline Mix; Original Mixl Stella Brown Vocal Mix; Theatre Mix
Aguilera, Christina The Christmas Song Thunderpuss 2000 Holiday Remix; Thunderpuss 2000 Holday Club Mix
Alanis, Angel & Rees Urban Long Island Drunk Remix; Original
Algo Mass Shut Up The Vibration Version; DJ Raf Elektromonk Remix
Alive ft D D Klein Alive Highpass vs Triple X Original; Highpass vs Triple X Dub
All Saints Black Coffee ATFC, Neptunes, Wideboys, Shadow sniper mixes
ATFC Shots from the Hip Erotik; Erotikappella; Lupita; Lupita Beats
Bang Leave Me Alone Full Vox Mix; Bang Dub
Beacham, Kim Looking Up (2x12") Louis Benedetti Classic Mix; Club Mix; Original Mix; Louis Benedetti Rhodes Dub; Club Dub; Original Dub
Bee Keepers (Roxy Music) Catch That Buzz (Love is the Drug) WL House Mix
Biba Rom ft Jim Kerr One Step Closer Phunk Investigation indaMix; Funky Junction & Mowree Mix
Black Rock ft Debra Andrew Blue Water We Deliver; Ernesto & Bastian; Lovefreekz; Original
Blackwatch ft Mykel I'm Here Original Mix; Laid Remix
boomkat The Wreckoning Brother Brown Club Mix, Album Mix, Tweaker Mix
Blige, Mary J Dance for Me G-Club Mix; G-Club Dub; Sunship Main Mix; Sunship Dub
Blige, Mary J No More Drama P Diddy/ Mario Winans LP Remix; P Diddy/Mario Winans Instrumntl; Twin Disco XP Mix; Acappella
Blige, Mary J No More Drama P Diddy/ Mario Winans LP Remix; P Diddy/Mario W. Instrumntl & Acappella; Thunderpuss Club Anthem
Blige, Mary J Dance for Me (WL Mixes) DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark; Deepsmurf Streetpella; Deepsmurf Street Vox; Deepsmurf Reduced Vox
Boomtang Movin' On Nick Holder Mix; Wet Mix; Cy Scobie Mix; DJ Serious Mix; Workshop Mix
Brancaccio & Aisher It's Gonna Be (A Lovely Day) WL
Brown, Peter Crank it Up WL House Mix
Cantrell, Blu Hit Em Up Style Radio Mix; Instrmntl; Radio Mix; Acappella
Cass/Slide & D.Ten Fever Rising Cass/Slide Queen's Park to Queens Mix; Ben Shaw Mix
Charlotte Skin M&S Extended Epic Mix; KLM Dub; KLM Extended Mix; KLM Reprise
Charlotte Someday Morales Mix; Keith Litman Reprise; Keith Litman Mix
Cher All or Nothing Metro Mix; Almighty Definitive Mix; K-Klass Klub Mix; Bunker Dub
Cher Song for the Lonely Metro Club Mix; Rapino Brothers Remix; Almighty Remix; Metro Radio Mix
Cher The Music's No Good Without You (2x12") Warren Clarke Club & Dub; Warren Clarke Instrumntl; Walter Taieb Mix
Chicane ft Peter Cunnah Love on the Run Chicane Mix; Force Five Remix
Chocolate Puma A Star is Born Vanity Mix; Original
Clamaran feat. Lulu hughes release yourself Angel Alanis, G-Grau Remix
Colette What Will She Do For Love Kaskade, Andy Caldwell, East Coast Boogiemen
Cop, The Stand Up Extended Vocal; Club Mix
Cox, Deborah I Never Knew Hani Anthem Vocal; Hani Mixshow; Hani Radio
Cuba Computers ft Derek Conyet Haunting Me (2x12") Iberican Dubby; Original; Iberican Vocal; Laid Remix
Dajae Everyday My Life Everyday Extended Mix; LA Williams Every Life Mix; Everyday Dub
Dajae & Full Intention What Do You Want? Vocal Mix; Dub Mix; Acappella
D'Ambrosiio, Bobby with CJ Reach Out Bobby's Club; Eric Kupper's Deep Pump Mix & Dub
Darude Out of Control/Sandstorm Out of Control (Radio Edit); Sandstorm (Superchumbo's Sandy Sandstorm); Sandstorm (Jan Driver Remix)
Day, Inaya Can't Stop Dancin' DJ Demarko & David Ohana Menergy Remix; Cruz & Bagz Original Mix
Daz & Didz Spin-Dizzy EP What Kind of Friend; I Said Stop; Leehar's Groove
dB Boulevard Believe Original Club; Lucas Cassani Club; Dub
De No, Angelica Dreams Sound de Jour Club Mix
Destiny's Child Bills Bills Bills LP; Digital Black N Groove; Acappella; Maurice Xclusive Livegig; Maurice's Xclusive Dub
Dirty Vegas Ghosts (2x12") Lexicon Ave Vocal; MAS Collective Dub; MAS Collective Vocal; Steven Mestre & Wilson Santos Remix
Disconnection ft Sabrynaah Pope Music Woody Main Mix; Woody vs Harlen Husters Dark Mix; Woody Bad Dub
DJ Lidell Townsell ft Consuela Dance Dance (Everybody) Original Mix; Piano Filter Dub; E-Smoove's Latin Revival
Dlugosch, Boris ft Roisin Murph Never Enough Original Club, Chocolate Puma Rmx; Bini & Martini Club
Dooble 99 ft Sneaker Pimps 7th High Original; Hydrogen Rockers Remix
DREAM He Loves U Not HQ2 Club; HQ2 Instrumntl; HQ2 Radio; Meeker & MC Supplier 2 Step
Dusted Under the Sun Vocal Dub Edit; Dub Edit
En Vogue Riddle LP; Radio Edit; Red Zone Remix; Extended Club; Club Remix Instrumntl; LP Instrumntl; Acappella
Eurythmics 17 Again (Rauhofer) (2x12") Peter Rauhofer Mixshow, Vocal, Dub, Beats & Acappella
Eurythmics 17 Again (Thunderpuss) Thunderpuss Vocal, Vicious Queen Dub & Radio Mix
Evans, Faith You Gets No Love Extended Club Mix & Instrumentl; Club Mix
Evans, Faith You Gets No Love Club Mix; Radio Mix; Club Mix; Instrmntl
Faithfull, Marianne Sex with Strangers Original; Sly & Robbie Sex Ref Mix; Sly & Robbie Dub Mix
Fierce & Jez ft Sherrie Lea Where Love Lives Stonebridge Classic Epic Mix; Original Club Mix; Jez's Where Dub Lives
Fierce & Jez ft Sherrie Lea Where Love Lives Stonebridge Classic Epic; Original Club; Jez's Where Dub Lives
Fisher, Cevin ft Mona Monet Keep it Coming CF's Keep on Moaning Mix; CF's Queen Street Orchestra Mix
Fisher, Cevin ft Mona Monet Power of Soul Murk Deep South Mix; Oscar G Space Miami Dub; CF's Power Vocal; CF's Instrumntl Edit
Funkmaster Flex ft Faith Evans The Good Life Instrumentl; Acappella; Radio Version
Furtado, Nelly Party's Just Begun Lp; Decibel Mix; Syndicate Mix; Gavo's Deep Fried Club Mix; Choroni Mix; Reprise; Vocal Mix
Furtado, Nelly Turn off the Light (Killah Kuts 12") Remix ft Timbaland & Ms Jade; Instrumentl; Acappella
Futureshock ft Ben Onono On My Mind Edit; Electric Lounge Version; LP Version
Gabriele Should I Stay Junior Vasquez Classic Mix; Satoshi Tomiie Club Mix & Dub 1
Galleon So I Begin Hit Squad Mix; 3 AM Radio Mix
Goldtrix ft Andrea Brown It's Love (Trippin') Original; DifferentGear Vocal; Tillmann Uhrmacher Mix
Goosebump ft Romina Johnson Never Gonna Do Phunk Investigation Club & Dub
Gradient Zero Keep On Movin' Sample Club Mix; Hot Dub; Radio Edit
Groove Theory 4 Shure Ray Roc Soulatin Remix; Soul Mixl Instrumentl; Ray Roc Alternative Club; Soul Mix; Soul Cappella
Haji & Emanuel Weekend ATFC Wet Weekend; ATFC Dirty Weekend
Hall, Andricka b/w Deep Swing pres Xavior Stay Inside My Life b/w Shelter Jamie Lewis Vocal & Dub b/w Louis Benedetti Dub
Halliwell, Geri Mi Chico Latino Junior Vasquez Gomex Pass; Charlie Rapino 7"; Charlie Rapino 12"; Johnson's Disco Mix
Harris & Cox Fuck Me Harder Dub Mix; Club Mix
Househedz ft Jacque How Does it Feel UC Vocal Mix; UC Silent Mix
Hungarian Moustache Party 1 "20 Minutes", "What I've Got to Do" Full and instrumental mix
Information Society Running Calderone Leather Mix & Dub; Robbie Rivera Diskofied Vocal; Robbie Rivera Smooth House Mix
Intenso Luv da Sunshine WL House Mix
J & J A Love Bizarre WL House Mix
Jamiroquai You Give Me Something Full Intention Club & Dub; Bastone & Burnz Club & Dub
JB Experience (Jocelyn Brown) I Like it Like That US2 Vox; US2 Dub
Jersey Street Brand New Day Atmospheric Dub; Tribal Dub; Afterdark Dub
Joeski ft Omar Alexander Be There for Me Original & Dub
Kelis Young Fresh N New Timo Maas Full Vocal, Instrumental, Dub & Radio Edit
Kelis Caught Out There Neptunes Extended; Neptunes Ext Instr; LP; Extended Edit; Single Radio; Single Radio No Rap
Keyes, Stephen Any Love Warren Rigg Club; J Christie & the Orange FTY; Keith Haarmeyer Circuit Mix
Kick Affiliates ft Priscilla Ordonez Don't Wanna Stop Original Infatuation; Don't Stop the Drumz; Dennis F's I Need a Fix Vibe; Earthtone Dub
K-Klass ft Kinane Talk to Me Orange Factory Remix & Bonus; K-Klass Supercharged Mix; Kidstuff Sex Hammer Mix
Knuckles, Frankie ft Nicki Richards Keep On Movin' Main Mix; La Familia Mix (Danny Krivit Edit)
Kolor Landscape Wind Noise Mix; Akaperk Mix; Drum Mix; Live Perk Mix
Konig, Dani What's My Name Original; Tom Novy Remix; Raff Gums Classic Club Vocal & Hypnotized Dub
Kosheen Harder Ashley Beedle Soultek Vocal; Decoder & Substance Remix Edit; Technical Itch Remix
La Bouche In Your Life (2x12") Dezrok Club; Acappella; Shane 54 Vocal; Original Extended; The Xquizxit DJ X Remix; Shane 54 Dub
LamTarn Over the Edge Original Mix; Sole Food Remix
Latin Headhuntrz Let Your Spirit Headhuntrz Main Mix; Headhuntrz Drum & Vocal Mix; Soundfactory Remix
Laurence, Brent Dubya EP Come With That; On & On (DT Mix); On & On; Shining
L'Enfant D'Amour Deep Inside Your Love Original Mix; Acappella; Instrumental; Radio Edit
Lennox, Annie Pavement Cracks (2x12") Mac Quayle Extended; Goldtrix Club; Scumfrog Club; Gabriel & Dresden Club; Scumfrog Dub;
Lewis, Glenn It's Not Fair Vocal Remix & Instrumental WL
Lighthouse Family Run (2x12") Phunk Investigation Club & Dub; Dusted Dub; D'Influence Vocal & Dub; Ernest Saint Laurent Mix; Vocal
Lil Mo Yin Yang Reach Little More Mix; Lee Cabrera Mix
Live Element Be Free Freedom Mix; Original Vocal
Lopez, Jennifer Love Don't Cost a Thing Original; Full Intention Clubl RJ Schoolyard Mix; RJ Schoolyard Mix Rap Instrmntl
Lopez, Jennifer I'm Real Murder Remix ft Ja Rule; Dezrok Club Mix; Andre Betts Remix; Pablo Flores Club Mix
Louits, Edward Holy Spirit Doc Martin & Mark Bell Remix; Matt Thomas Remix; Blakkat Beats
Lovesky Drums 4 Better Daze 16C+ Remix; Original Mix
Luxx Let it Shine SNCL Club Mix; Let it Dub
M2W Shame Main Vocal; Mateo & Matos Underground Dub; Jon Cutler Vocal; Jon Cutler Distant Dub
Mandry, Bjorn Time Factor b/w Orange Pub
Manero ft Angie Brown Boogie Down Club Mix; Deep Mix
Mantra ft Lydia Rhodes Away Peter Rauhofer Remix, Dub & Acappella
Martin, Andrea Share the Love Hani's Hyperkickass Instrumental; Ride the Lovel Smooth Radio Mix; Hani's Hyperkickass Mix; Radio Mix
Mashay, Pepper I Can't Stop Original; Giuseppe D's Remix; Infective Remix
Maurel, Frank House Negro b/w La Bass Trasmiteuse (Original)
Maxwell Push it to the Max WL House Mix
Maxwell WL House Mixes 2000 Funky Excursion; House Excursion
Maxx, Terry Walkin' in the Name Andy & the Lamboy's Bootleg Mix; Smokin' System Remix; Junior Jack Bootleg Remix & Dub
McEntire, Reba You Keep Me Hangin' On Classic Paradise; Classic Paradise Instrumntl; Deep Love Mix; Aphrodesiac Mix
Mclachlan Sarah Sweet Surrender Tiesto / BT mixes
MFF ft Andrea Martin The More I Love You Extended Club; Club Mx; Radio Mix
Michael M Let Ya Have It (Yellow Vinyl) Guido's Instrumental, Bonus Beat & Main Vocal Mix
Michael M Shoot Your Shot Guido's Got What You Want Mix; Obadam's Tribal Gun Mix; Obadam's Tribal Gun Dub
Midler, Bette I'm So Beautiful Victor Calderone Main Vocal; Victor Calderone Dub; Victor Calderone Drum Dub
Milk & Sugar Lift Me Up Tee's UK Mix; In Da House Mix; Tee's Dub
Mim Where Are You Now Eric Kupper Vocal Club Mix; Harmonica Dub
Minogue, Kylie I Believe in You Skylark Mixes WL
Moore, Chante Straight Up Radio Edit; Instrumntl; Extended Mixl Acappella
Morales, David ft Angela Hunte Feels Good Morales Club & Stereo Dub, Stonebridge Club
Morales, David ft Tamra Keenan Here I Am Morales Club, Full Intention Vocal & Dub, Kaskade Remix
Morel, George I Can't Get Enough Groove Vocal Mix; Instrumental Drive Mix
Moulin Rouge Soundtrack La Chanson Rouge WL Main Mix & Dub
Mutiny The Virus King Unique Snakecharmer Mix; Dirty Dub
Myers, Billie Am I Here Yet Junior's Extended Vocal; Junior's Radio Version; Junior's Marathon Mix & Marathon Beats
Mysterious People Fly Away (2x12") Jason Jinx Live Disco Jam; 16B Remix; Original Instrumental; Jason Jinx Joystick Remix
Natural Rhythm Last Call at the Martini Ranch EP Chicago Nights; Life Is; Nubonics
Nesby, Ann Shelter Vocal Mix; Instrumental
Novy, Tom ft Lima Now or Never Andy Van Remix; Extended; Hatiras Dub; Club Mix; Dani Konig Remix
Onionz Groove Predator EP "Ser Serg"; "Da Sound"
Onionz & Master P The Fading Memories EP Synthetic; Can't Turn To Momma
Original 3 Give You Love UV3 Extended; Black Jade Extended; Ocean Drive Extended
Paige Jennifer Always You Acapella, extended club mix, instrumental mix
Pasta Boys Let the Sunshine (Unreleased Mixes) Instinct Mix; Let the Sax Mix
Perpetuous Dreams The Sound of Goodbye Armin Van Buuren's Rising Star Mixl Pablo Gargano Underwater Vocal Mix
Peru, Bobby I Can't Wait/Asteroid Groupies Original & George T Remix
Piratebrain EP Volume 2 Sade "Sweetest Taboo" Police "Roxanne" piratebrain rmx
Pound Boys ft Shawn B enson Affection PB Vocal; PB Raw Vocal; PB Dub
Praise Cats Shined on Me Antranig Remix & Instrumental; Acappella
Precious It's Gonna Be My Way (2x12") Stella Browne Vocal; Spen & Karizma 12" Vocal; Stella Browne Dub; Spen & Karizma Deepah Dub
Prince Controvery WL Purple Mix; Black Dub
Quivver vs Boy George Do You Really Want to Hurt Me Quivver Mix
Reflektive ft Andrea Britton Breathe Life Originall Acappella; Greed Remix
Resonance ft the Burrells DJ Full Intention Club Mix & Dub; DJ FX
Ribbons, Rosie A Little Bit Bini & Martini High Pressure Mix; Bini & Martini Down Pressure Dub
Richenel Dance Around the World (2x12") Intrallazzi & Fratti Pumper Dub; Scandal Dada Remix; Radio Vocal; Gabriele D'Andrea Remix
Rio Con BCN Miss Raices b/w Fell My Drums Hard Tribe Vibes Mix b/w Original
Riva ft Dannii Minogue Who Do You Love Now? Extended Vocal; Original; Tall Paul Remix
Rivera, Robbie There's Some Disco Fans in Here Tonight (JJ 2002 Mixes) Main Mix; Reprise Mix
Room 5 ft Oliver Cheatham Make Luv Extended Mix; JJ's Dub Edit; Doublefunk Remix; Axwell Remix
Rosabel That Sound Nitrogen Blast Mix; Masculine Dub; The Chickless Mix; Dark & Sexy Dub
Rosabel ft Jennifer Holliday And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going Rosabel Anthem Mix; Ralphie's Classic House Mix; Ralphi's Funky Underground Mix
Rosabel ft Jennifer Holliday And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going Rosabel Attitude Mix; Junior's Earth Club Anthem; Benny Maze Club Mix
Ross, Diana Take Me Higher Acappella; Dub Mix; Instrumental; LP Version; 12" Mix
Rowland, Kelly Stole Gladiator Remix; D Elliot Dreambrotha Mix; Maurice's/Azza Nu Soul Mix; Charlie's/Bear Who Nu DnB Mix;
Rubberneck Keep On Giving Love Keep On Giving Love; Keep on Giving Dub
Sade Pearl WL Naked Music Mixes
Scumfrog We Love You Original & We Do
Seal Crazy WL Dino Lenny Mix
Shade I Like to Ride (the Rhythm) Tompkins Square Mix; Park Ave. Mix
Shakira Underneath Your Clothes LP; Mendez Club; Thunderdub; Xquizit DJ X D & B Dub
Shaw, Ben ft Adele Holness So Strong Sander Kleinenberg Mix; Soul Mekanik Mix
Silk You Spin Me Round WL Test Pressing
Silverstone If I Had a Choice Soul Providers Remix; Original Club; Soul Providers Remix Dub
Simon, Michael To Be Love Robbie Rivera Main Vocal; Plastika Dub; Michael Simon 2001 Remix; Club Version
Simply Red Money's Too Tight to Mention/Come To My Aid WL Illicit Mixes
Sinclar, Bob & Various Marabout Also Dax Riders "No Comment" / Demon Ritchie "Sea Sex & Sun" / Faze Action "La-Bas C'est Naturel:
Sinners, The Sin EP 1 "One Feeling" "Keep on Pressing"
Sintau Changes WL
Slide vs Healy Fear Original Mix; Sense & Catt's Twisted Casa Mix
Snake River Conspiracy How Soon is Now Jason Nevins Back 2 the Future Club; Prince Quick Mix's Cracker Beat Pass; LP
Sneaker Pimps Sick Trendoid's House Call Remix; Daniel Lee's Electro House Mix; Seth Lawrence Tribal Shelltoe Mix
Solaris vs David Bowie Shout Original Mix; Phazon Dub
Solomon, Shauna Weekend (Star Tonight) Kinky Roland Big Ball Mix; Weekend Escape Mix; TGIF Circuit Boy Mix; Circuit Boy Radio Edit
Solomon, Shauna You Can Get Over (Red Vinyl) Ralphi Rosario Vox Club; Ralphi's Big Room Dub
Sonique Can't Make Up My Mind Robbie Rivera Full Vocal; Michael Woods Remix; Sonique Platinum Dust Mix
Soul Du Jour Here We Go Again Live Element Club Mix; Dub Element; Instrumental Element
Soul Providers Spaghetti Disco Part 2 Getin' Down & Acappella; Soul Groovin' & Dub
Soul Providers ft Michelle Shellers Hold On Shelter Early Mix; Shelter Afterhours Dub; SP Original Vocal; Shelter Early Dub
Soul Providers ft Michelle Shellers The Hand That I've Been Dealt SP Vocal & Dub; SP Filtered Bonus; Pound Boys Vocal & Dub
Soul Vision ft Dihanne Moore Don't Hold Back KoT/Soul Creation Vocal; Dub
Spears, Britney vs Miguel Migs Stronger Deep House Mix by Miguel Migs
Starbeach ft D'Empress Get Naked Boogie Vocal; Naked Dub; Axwell Main Mix; Angry Mexican Maison Club Mix
Stardust vs Alexander O'Neal Satruday Stardust WL House Mix
Starr, Rachel Til There Was You Gabriel & Dresden, Original, John Creamer & Stephane K
Static Revenger Happy People Chocolate Puma Remix Edit; Dubaholics Hard Dub Edit
Stephan, Tom ft Gerideau Believe in Love Disco 2000 Mix; Club 69 Dub
Sterbinszky & Tranzident Gates of Mind Johnny Vicious Mix; Guido Osorio Mix; Johnny Vicious Dub
Stereo MCs Deep Down & Dirty Original; Two Lone Swordsmen Remix; Jon Carter Basement Mix
Sting Fragile DJ Monk's Extended Vocal, Hard Rain Dub & Radio Edit; Acappella
Sting Englishman in New York WL House Version & Electro Dub
Studio 76 ft Lisa Millet Satisfaction Smokin' Beats Disco Soul Club Mix; Smokin' Beats Master Blaster Mix
Sussex House All Night RPO Extreme Mix; RPO Dub Mix
T, Morris ft Taka Boom The Third Pleasure Coy Inner Space Mix; Coldcard Tribal Mix
Talisman P Meets Barrington Levy Here I Come (Sing DJ) BP Mix; Extended Revival Mix; Non-Stop Mix
Tamia Officially Missing You Felix's Hectic Electric Club & Dub; Rizzo Global Club & Dub
Tamia Can't Go for That Jonathan Peters' Sound Factory Vocal, Club Mix. Trance Mix, Acappella, Instrumental & Bonus Beats
Telephono Allstars ft Latanza Waters Do it to the Music E-Smoove Vocal; Thick Dick Dub
The Crazy Drummer Party Drumz Original; E Craig Remix; Hi-Gate Remix; Lock N Load Remix
Thomas, Dante Miss California Bastone & Bernstein Cali Dub, Club, Vocalifornia Dub & Radio Mix
Tonic People Hambit b/w Just Can't Forget
Trisco Ultra Original Mix & Dub
UDAfL ft Barbara Tucker Most Precious Love Copyright, Franck Roger, DJ Tool, Martin Solveig, Franck Roger Remix
Ultra Nate Get It Up (The Feeling) Spen & Karizma Main Vocal & Drum Dub & Acappella; Full Intention Club Vocal & Sultra Dub
Uncredited Love on a Rainy Day Love On a Rainy Day & Steely Dub
Uncredited Soul Desire Vocal Mix; Dub Club Mix
Uncredited The Rain WL; 2 Mixes
Unifunkation ft Alexander East Feel Me TM Vocal; TM Dub; Dr Pompeii Remix
Unknown Feevapitch! (Fever) WL
unknown He wasn't man enough ; let's ride Acapella, instrumental mixes
Usher U Got it Bad Tee's Latin Mix; Tee's UK R&B Radio Mix; Tee's In House Club & Dub
Usher U Turn Almight Mix; Album Version; Almighty Dub
V & A (Erasure) Perchance to Dream/Moon & the Sky WL; Jason Jinx Remix/Murk Monster Mix
Vandross, Luther It's Over Now Dance Remix; Instrumental
Vandross, Luther Going in Circles/Love the One Your With Going in Circles: Radio Edit; LP Version; Instrumental Love the One You're With: Edit; Cory's Main Mix;
Vandross, Luther Heaven Knows Classic 12" Mix; Classic Radio Mix; LP; The Work Mix; Classic Instrumental; Momo's Beats
Vannelli, Joe T vs Thelma Houston Don't Leave Me This Way WL
Various Flamingo Records Winter Sampler (2x12")
Vivona, Massimo Fidelity Original; Heads of State Remix
W, Kristine The Wonder of it All Escape 2 Gomi Mix; Mig N Brett Club; Escape 2 Gomi Dub
Ware, Mathias ft Rob Taylor Hey Little Girl Pascal FEOS Edit Mix; Mauve Vocal
Way Out West Intensify Part 1; Part 2; Peace Division Remix
Weeks, Michelle The Light UBP Classic; Jazz N Groove Prime Time Dub & Beats
Whiplash Ghetto Tears/Cryin'/Ghetto Tears (Red Man Remix)
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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these four bad boys are gone,

Black Rock ft Debra Andrew - Blue Water
ATFC - Shots from the Hip
Room 5 ft Oliver Cheatham - Make Luv
Colette What Will She Do For Love

everything else is still up for grabs!


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Price Drop!

the PRAISE CATS track and GOLDTRIX are also gone.

that leaves 232 records. i'd really like to make room in my apartment and the anemic rate at which these records are going is no good for me. they are in great shape and i'm willing to sell the remaining lot for 200 bucks o.b.o. It's official! less than $1 a record!!!!


otherwise they are still $4/ record with discount for bulk.
tribe cannabis accessories silver grinders


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Easy purchase, would buy from again, A++++


He keeps even his red-headed step-child records in pristine condition.


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Following are also gone:

Darude Out of Control/Sandstorm Out of Control
Furtado, Nelly Party's Just Begun
Mclachlan Sarah Sweet Surrender
Seal Crazy
Sneaker Pimps Sick
Stereo MCs Deep Down & Dirty
Sting Englishman in New York

THAT's 225 records left. 150 for the lot obo

c'mon guys! it's a proud, mighty and pristine house collection i'm cutting loose here! gems galore.


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what the f#^k?

what have these tunes done to deserve threadcrapping like this!?

admittedly they aren't everybody's cup of tea, but they were once played out to eager ears at some point, and in the right hands they deserved to be played again!

deal is still on. in bulk or otherwise.