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200 Armed Palestinians Holed up in a Church in Bethlehem


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Not just any ol' church, mind you, but the "Church of the Nativity".

Or something like that. Anyways, that is apparently thechurch built on the exact spot where Jesus was born.
The news just keeps getting better from over there.

As far as mr. Arafat goes....
The Isreali government is claiming to have discovered a document that they believe to be their "smoking gun".

They say they have a letter that ties Arafat's top financial advisor to the militent group that has carried out the most recent round of suicide bombings.



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poor jebus


PS For real, that situation can't even go back at this point. If I was a praying man, I'd be praying for them right now.


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I'm sure they're dead... or as good as, Isreal has been given the green light from the US, they can pretty much kill at will...
It's sad, but I'm glad Palestein doesn't posess nukes, cause if i was them I'd be mulling over the idea.....

I feel for them, no one should have to live like a prisioner.