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$20 Blow Out Sale! - Computer Desk + HP Printers


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More stuff I need to offload, $20 (or best offer) and any of these quality items could be yours.

Ikea 'Krister' Computer Desk - Good condition, comes assembled! $20 or best offer.


HP Deskjet 720C - Good working condition, includes power supply. Needs new ink cartridges. $20 or best offer.


HP Deskjet 710C - As above, works fine but needs ink. $20 or best offer.

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Update - Computer Desk and HP 720C Printer still available, first $20 takes them both. PM me if interested.
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Somehow this computer desk is still available. Since its taking space and not being used going to give this away for free, PM me and I'll give you the address it can be picked up from.

Yes, its free! PM me if you're interested...