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2 Tickets for Sale - BSS, Feist... concert Olympic Island June 24


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The basic information is as follows:
Date: June 24th, 2006
Venue: Olympic Island (part of Toronto Island)
Gates: 1:00pm
Showtime: TBA

Broken Social Scene
Bloc Party
J Mascis
Raising The Fawn


My friend and I unfortunately can't make this concert. If you don't know, this annual concert is one of the best Toronto events during the summer, and if you do know, then you know exactly what I'm talkin about.........

We're selling them for $45 bucks each which includes the ferry ticket. Ticketmaster has them for $50.50 plus a $5.50 "convenience charge."

You can reach me at: tree_park@hotmail.com
Contact person: Teresa


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