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2 SINNERS tour available


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2S2, TCR, London UK http://www.tcr.uk.com

available June 20th - 30th

2SINNERS are Carl Hovland and Klaus Hill. Carl and Klaus came together through their mutual work in the Drum and Bass world, and over the past 2 years the duo have been causing quite a stir on the dance music scene with their unique brand of breakbeat funk. Its this sound that has led to support from some of the worlds leading DJ’s including Seb Fontain, Stanton Warriors, Orbital and Ali B. The duo have also done live mixes for Radio 1 and Kiss FM as well as holding down a residence spot at Andy C’s Ram Records @ The End and a world wide DJ schedule.

Carl is also 1/3 of leading Drum and Bass outfit Usual Suspects and Klaus records for house labels Ronster and Canvas.

What’s Been Going On/Patterns 2S2
Of This Feeling/Shatter TCR
Ubooskiboo TCR
Stillsuit/Krakwhore 2S2
Buccaneer/Siberia 2S2
Mr Jingles/Mrs Jingles TCR
Round In Circles 2S2
Doubting My Soul Electric Kingdom
Who you are? Freekaboom

Jaktta – Ever So Lonely – Rulin’
Bladey-Light Fingered – Forged
Sleepfreaks – Chemical Shift – Sumsonic
Switchshift – Electric Drop Freekaboom
Soul Electric feat. EQ – 4U – Inflight
Faith In Chaos - Possession – Outbreak
Acetate – No Need – Circuit
Jaded Alliance – Wake Me – Default
Urban Cowboys – Black In America EMI
Duality – Make Change – Carbon

Bookings contact:
Josh @ Release Artist Management