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2 new Mix's

Greg Benz

TRIBE Member
For those of you who are interested, I've added 2 new mix's up on my site...

Here's the tracklistings :)

+ Greg Benz Live on Justgroove Radio +

1. Celestial - True Elements :: (Midnight Recordings)
2. Benz & MD - Snowblind (Spincycle remix) :: (Dorigen Music)
3. Fishhead - Inescapable (ST's Experience) :: (Saw Recordings)
4. Nick K - Wear Dis Sound :: (LowRiders)
5. Sarah McLachlan - Fallen (Satoshi Tomiie Remix) :: (Nettwerk)
6. Sasha - Cloud Cuckoo (Luke Chable Remix) :: (White)
7. Chable & Fernandez - Before You Break On Me :: (M Theory)
8. Elite Force - Curveball (re-rub) :: (EQ)
9. D:Facto - PDG :: (Futureshock)

Greg Benz on Oslo Nights Radio 01/24/04

1. Mikrokosmos - Two Places(Absolut & Greed Remix) :: Vapour
2. Andro - Allnighter :: Cyber Records CDR
3. Lynx - Future Funk :: Gravitation Records
4. Sintronic - Resonator(Mike G Remix) :: Tribe Limited Records
5. Chris Domingo - Darklight(Thomas Penton Remix) :: Boz Boz
6. Ozgur Can - Connected :: CDR
7. Central Rush - Out Of Focus(Tkac & Haverlik Remix) :: Method
8. Telepopmusic - Breathe(Markus Schulz Remix) :: White
9. Pig & Dan - Nightlife :: Submission



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TRIBE Member
Just finished listening to both mixes... both are f'in amazing!!!

good work Benz!

Looking forward to your next mixes...


TRIBE Member
gotta love these 350+ kbps download speeds...looking forward to checking out these mixes...& nice set at nasa a few weeks back!!!



TRIBE Promoter
a solid ear for mixing.

i think mr. benz's programming skills are fantastic.
his mixes are always really listenable, they flow, and quality
quality tunes.

nice work.

Greg Benz

TRIBE Member
Thanks for the feeback guys!! Glad you liked the mix's :)

Keep an eye out for Proton Radio show starting in March. My first guests on the show will be Pig & Dan....

The show will air every 2nd Thursday of the month at 8pm.....

Cheers and thanks again,

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