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2 mp3s from DJ Elektron.

DJ elektron-

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Hi Everyone

This first audio file is a experimental audio track of sound sketches I did over a couple years with a bunch of audio equipment. It is NOT big beat house or anything like that, it is definitely interesting, for a night of chillaxing smoking a few, or dropping some acid...or if you are not into that just weirdness for the headphones, it gets much more interesting as it goes on, give it time.


ROPE - ile by rockeyronaldw on SoundCloud - Hear the world

This is a mashup of whole bunch of genres, and it is for all the True Believers in Love, God, Buddha, the whole Scheme of Things.

777 by rockeyronaldw on SoundCloud - Hear the world
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

DJ elektron-

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Candles' light in the dark.Wanton desires of peace, spark.In the cradle; God starts;The lives of men; their hearts.Rendered senseless by the mystery;All for a bias account of history.Men live, women live; people die.We all wonder endlessly of the sky.Jammed signals clog the channels.Nuclear wargames with hitech panels.Fortunes made; technology's virtue lost.Millions of lives is the true cost.Just for a minute; ponder the pain.Tears from heaven fall like rain.One who will right the wrongs.Singing jubilant; valley songs.Thunder breaks the silence.Homeless men in makeshift tents.In the middle of love and hate,A reprieve; a hingeless gate.Brotherhood of man; tribes of old.Heat of passion; tongues that are cold.Undying hope; the Truth of the truths.An ointment for the wounds, it soothes.Rinse the soiled cloth in the river.Eat holy, keep well the liver.Minds sick from crazed strategy.Making way for the majesty.