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2 HARD SETS IN 1 - old skool tape - old skool Hard House


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I actually am not sure when I made this "Tape" - This is actually one of my famous old skool Tapes from back in the day -- 2 HARD SETS IN 1 --- for some of you old skoolers - you'll remember it --- If you like the sounds of Chicago Hard House -- then you'll def enjoy this tape --- There are no edits - re edits or any type of computer work -- this was just me 2 turntables and my mixer --- making this track in my old crib --- Hope you all enjoy it

I apologize that I do not have a playlist, but please allow me to place my mix up on the board. I made this tape back in the late 90's and never thought of making a playlist. Thank you very much;

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This is just one side of a tape -- I transfered it and converted to mp3 --