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2 Days left...

Discussion in 'Techno Room' started by ElektroTekBabe, Mar 21, 2002.

  1. ElektroTekBabe

    ElektroTekBabe TRIBE Member

    YAY! Two more days until Legowelt play live at Zen. Saturday will be SO MUCH fun!!!!!!! European elektro ALL NIGHT LONG!

  2. Destro Sanchez

    Destro Sanchez TRIBE Member

    The Bunker Records crew is coming back from their New York trip/tour today.

    They have been gettin very excited about this jam. I know they will turn it out, no doubt. :D

    There is more than european electro at this jam, Ms. Tekbabe. ;)

    Expect everything and anything from Schmerzlabor (which translates to pain labratory).

    TLR spins a mean set of old electrofunk, detroit techno and house, italodisco, and other electronic funk that is too dirty for most djs to dust off and throw in their sets!!!

    Legowelt and Orgue Electronique will destroy.

    Alongside the Bunker crew will be Cryogenetic, who's whitelabel for DJ Godfathers Twilight 76 label is in the hands of some big name techno jocks across the pond. Torontos best kept electro secret also is very skilled behind the tables. Be prepared for some serious BAAAASS!!! :D

    there's also DJ Sabrina from twelveinch.com doing a minimal techno set at the begining of the night while people check out the great artwork that has been collected for the show by various artists of varying degrees (meself included- shameless plug! :D )

    fillspace will be closing the night out with some live ambient in the back room (whens the last time there was ambient in the other room of a party eh?)

    plus a special live PA from Chase 23- electro- toronto style.

    freakdrivr and axi-o-matic will be servin up the electro-wave/italo-electro/new new wave joints for those of us in leather pants with big hair. :p

    not to mention the sit down game of Galaga we're hauling in, the visual projections ala Destro&Jordan, palm trees for the disco effect and an overall dirty brown theme for the evening. :D:D:D

    I wanna see ya all on the dancefloor this saturday!!

    and thanks for takin the time to read this novel

  3. ElektroTekBabe

    ElektroTekBabe TRIBE Member

    8 more hours left!!!......YAY :D

    Hey Des, by the way, thanks for everything! ;)

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