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2 bedroom town house for rent in Mississauga


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This Townhouse is located near Dundas inbetween Tomken road and Dixie road.

It is a 2 bedroom townhouse with a spacius living room. Apliances: stove, fridge, washer and dryer included. Rogers Cable and water is also included.
Underground garage with video cameras.
Indoor pool and gym.

School, go station and shopping centre in walking distance. Bus station in front of the townhouse complex.

Reduced price to $1075 montly with 1 year contract.


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utilities incl. or extra?

edit: just read water is incl. guess that mean heat & hydro are extra... how is the place heated? baseboard heaters or gas?


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The place is heated by electric heating so you only need to pay hydro. Each room has separate control for the heating.

The avarage hydro bill during the winter months is around $200-250 depending on how much you heat. During the summer months the hydro bill is usualy around $30-40 there is no ac.